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Houston Female Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgeon | Plastic SurgeryBreast augmentation is one of the more customizable cosmetic surgery procedures. Therefore, the skill and experience of the surgeon plays a more critical role in creating results that are uniquely tailored to meet a patient’s individual aesthetic goals and her breast anatomy.


Dr. Kristi Hustak is a board certified female plastic surgeon providing breast augmentation and various other procedures for the breast, body, and face to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding communities. Dr. Hustak enjoys an excellent rapport and a relationship of trust with her patients in every procedure she performs.




Combining Art and Science


Dr. Hustak believes that great outcomes in any plastic surgery procedure such as breast augmentation can be achieved when the surgeon applies the principles of both science and art. Dr. Hustak has a keen sense of art and aesthetics, apart from her advanced training and expertise in the scientific aspects of surgery.


Her aim is not just to increase the size of the breasts, but to ensure that they are shapely, proportionate, symmetrical, and sculpted to meet the patient’s expectations. With a combination of art and science, she is able to tailor the procedure more precisely and make it less invasive. Results are more sustainable, healthy and natural looking, while being cosmetically attractive at the same time.




Personalized Care


Dr. Hustak and her team ensure that every patient at her practice is treated with individual attention and personalized care at every step of the procedure. Dr. Hustak remains accessible to her patients from the first consultation to the surgery as well as recovery.


She will carefully listen to the patient’s concerns and her innate aesthetic needs and desires, and incorporate them into the customized surgical plan for breast augmentation. She encourages patients to ask questions and clears all their doubts and concerns in a patient-friendly language.






Board certified and experienced female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak as named Houston’s Top Plastic Surgeon by the H Magazine. She acquired advanced training in plastic surgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) where she invested six years to complete a highly competitive integrated plastic surgery program.


She gained hands-on training and experience at pre-eminent hospitals, including John Sealy Hospital, Shriner’s Burn Hospital for Children, MD Anderson Cancer Center, St. Joseph Medical Center, Clearlake Regional Medical Center, Houston Methodist St. John Hospital, and Mainland Medical Center.




Recognition for Academic Excellence


While at UTMB, Dr. Hustak was bestowed with multiple honors. In 2013, her peers recognized her as the UTMB Plastic Surgery Resident of the Year. The next year she won the Overall Outstanding UTMB Resident of the Year Nomination, an award conferred only to a few residents that year out of over 500 residents. She also received the UTMB 2014 Outstanding Resident Leadership Award and the 2014 Golden Scalpel Outstanding Surgical Resident of the Year.




Cutting-edge Techniques


Dr. Hustak stays abreast with the latest innovations and developments in the field of plastic surgery, and applies them to make her procedures safer, less invasive, and more effective. She follows the current safety protocols and adopts the best practices and standards of care in procedures such as breast augmentation.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Surgery | Houston Plastic Surgery | Female SurgeonBreast augmentation, clinically known as augmentation mammaplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure to increase the size of a woman’s breasts. The procedure involves surgical insertion of saline or silicone implants in the breast tissue. In exceptional cases, fat transfer technique may be used.

Nearly 4.5 million breast augmentation procedures were performed in the US between 1997 and 2012, according to ASAPS figures. It is currently the number one cosmetic surgery procedure in the US.


Breast augmentation is most commonly performed for the purpose of cosmetic enhancement of the breasts. A woman may want to have this surgery to make naturally small breasts more proportionate to the rest of the body, or may simply like to have more voluptuous breast appearance.

Sometimes breast implants may be used to improve symmetry between the breasts or as a part of breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides breast augmentation to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding communities.


Customizable Procedure

One of the reasons behind the popularity of breast augmentation plastic surgery procedure is that it can be significantly customized to meet the unique needs of a woman. Breast implants are available in different types, including saline, silicone, and ultra-cohesive implants. Implant sizes are available from 120 cc to 960 cc, and the patient can also choose different shapes, profiles and texture.

Implant placement may be performed subgladularly or submuscularly, depending on the patient’s requirements. Incision location options will include inframammary, periareolar, transaxillary, or even a TUBA incision in a few cases. The surgeon will discuss various options with the patient during the initial consultation to make a customized surgical plan. Well practiced and judicious female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for breast augmentation.


Surgical Procedure

Breast augmentation surgery will usually be performed using general anesthesia and sedation. The surgeon will create incisions in inconspicuous locations as pre-determined during the surgical planning. The implant will be inserted through the incision and placed either in front of the pectoral muscle right behind the breast tissue, or below the pectoral muscle.

Once the implants are placed and adjusted into the desired position, the incisions will be carefully sutured with dissolvable or removable sutures. Drain tubes will also be placed beneath the skin in the incision areas. Following the surgery, the breasts will be covered with a gauze bandage for support. In a day or two, the bandage will be replaced with a special surgical bra. The patient will be required to wear the surgical bra full-time for the first few weeks.



During the recovery phase, it is important to follow the surgeon’s care instructions properly. The incision sites should be kept clean to minimize infection risks. Vigorous exercises or sudden movements can put strain in the incision sites, and should be avoided during the early healing phase of about three weeks.

The patient can usually return to her normal routine in about 10 to 14 days, but should continue with her follow-up appointments and precautions as instructed.

For more information on procedures and treatments provided by board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak please call us to schedule a consultation at 713-799-9999 or click here. Offices in Houston, Texas.

Mommy Makeover Recovery Time

Mommy Makeover Recovery Time | Houston Plastic Surgery | Female SurgeonMommy makeover is a comprehensive cosmetic surgery procedure involving a combination of multiple surgeries to achieve a pre-pregnancy figure. Recovery time in this procedure will vary according to the number and type of surgeries performed on a patient. The advantage is that the patient will go through recovery only once for various procedures performed simultaneously.

The goal of an experienced surgeon will be to create an optimal mommy makeover surgery plan in order to minimize the recovery period. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss about various aspects of the procedure, including the estimated recovery. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides mommy makeover to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding communities.


Recovery Process

If the woman is working, she should plan to apply for a leave of about two weeks from the workplace following mommy makeover plastic surgery. Moms with little kids may have to arrange for childcare for the first few days of recovery. The patient should also arrange for a responsible person to drive her back home after the surgery. The surgeon will provide detailed recovery care instructions, which should be diligently followed.

Inflammation and irritation in the incision sites will usually be relived in about one week after the surgery. Pain meds may be prescribed by the surgeon for the first few days to keep the patient comfortable. She should take plenty of rest in the initial days, but mild walking and light activity within the home is encouraged to promote blood flow and improve healing.

At the end of first week, the surgeon may remove the drain tubes and sutures. Further post-surgical appointments may be scheduled at this time. Even when the patient has returned to her normal routine in about two weeks, she should continue to refrain from strenuous exercises, excessive bending and lifting of heavy weights for about two additional weeks.

Bruising will resolve during this early phase, but swelling will subside slowly over several weeks or months as the body adapts to its new, youthful shape. Patients in Houston, Texas, and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive mommy makeover and various other procedures from experienced female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak.


How to Expedite Recovery?

The patient can take a few steps to promote faster healing and recovery. She should wear a bandage or compression garment in specific areas where liposuction is performed or a surgical bra in case of breast surgery, as instructed by the surgeon. This will help to reduce swelling and enable easier skin healing. Blood thinners, oral vitamin E and certain other medications may have to be avoided during the recovery for safer healing.

If the patient has a history of smoking, she should be committed to refraining from smoking during the recovery period. Smoking can delay the recovery as it interferes with the blood flow. The risk of scarring and other complications increases in case of smokers. Therefore, the patient must stop smoking for a certain period before and after mommy makeover as advised by the surgeon.

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procedures and treatments provided by board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak please call us to schedule a consultation at 713-799-9999 or click here. Offices in Houston, Texas.

Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon before Mommy Makeover Surgery


Questions to Ask before Mommy Makeover Surgery | HoustonMommy makeover is a major cosmetic surgery procedure, and the decision to undergo this procedure should only be made by the patient after due deliberation. She should proactively engage with the surgeon during the pre-operative consultation, and clarify any concerns and doubts before finalizing the decision.


Patients who make a well-thought out decision after full clarity will usually attain better satisfaction levels and will be able to appreciate the results better. The surgeon will encourage the patient to ask questions and will answer them in accurate details. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides mommy makeover to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding communities.




Questions about the Surgeon


  • Are you board certified in plastic surgery?
  • How long have you trained and how much is your actual experience in the field of plastic surgery?
  • What is your success rate or patient satisfaction rate in cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures?
  • Would you perform the procedure at a hospital or an accredited surgical center?
  • Are you affiliated with one of the local hospitals?
  • Is your practice equipped to handle any emergency that may arise during or after the surgery?
  • Do you have a policy for revision procedures?
  • Do you receive patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for surgical and non-surgical procedures?


Questions about the Surgery


  • Will I make a good candidate for mommy makeover surgery?
  • What procedures would you suggest to include as part of my mommy makeover?
  • Will you use the services of an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist for general anesthesia?
  • How long would it take to complete the entire procedure?
  • Will I require overnight stay at the surgery center?
  • What kind of pre-operative preparation will I need to make?
  • Can I get access to some of the mommy makeover before and after images to understand the expected results?


Questions about Recovery


  • Is the recovery from mommy makeover going to be a painful experience?
  • How many days of leave should I apply at my workplace?
  • Are there any ways to expedite the recovery and make it simpler?
  • What are the potential risks and complications that I should know of?
  • How long will it take before I can return to my daily routine, including physical exercises?




Questions about Costs


  • What would be the estimated cost of mommy makeover surgery?
  • Does your price quote include the pre- and post-operative expenses?
  • What will be the cost difference if the procedure is performed at a surgery center instead of a hospital?
  • Will I have to pay additionally for post-surgical appointments?
  • Can I receive some information and guidance about insurance and financing from your office?


If the patient is unclear about any answer of the surgeon, she should request for further clarification. The surgeon will make every effort to educate the patient on all aspects of mommy makeover and help her make a well-considered decision. Fantastic and proven female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak provides mommy makeover and several other procedures for the breast, body, and face.

For more information on 
procedures and treatments provided by board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak please call us to schedule a consultation at 713-799-9999 or click here. Offices in Houston, Texas.