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What is a Monsplasty?

Posted on December 25, 2017

The mons pubis is a rounded mass of fatty tissue under the skin, which lies over the joint of the pubic bones. It is typically more prominent in women. During pregnancy and weight gain, the mons pubis often becomes excessively large. Following childbirth or weight loss, the mons pubis connective tissue attachments may become loose […]

Radio Frequency And Laser Treatments For Vaginal Rejuvenation

Posted on December 20, 2017

Childbirth, aging, heredity, and hormonal changes are some of the reasons why the tissue and muscles of the vaginal canal can become lax over the years. Although cosmetic surgery procedures are available to restore vaginal tightness and firmness, but some women may prefer to choose non-surgical treatment options for vaginal rejuvenation. Advanced technologies based on […]

Why do the Labia Majora Lose Tone?

Posted on December 10, 2017

The labia majora refer to two conspicuous skin folds in a woman’s vaginal area that extend from the mons pubis downward and backward, and then merge with the skin of the perineum. Labia major form the lateral boundaries of the pundedal or vulval cleft, which receives the vaginal and urethra openings.   The labia majora […]

What Causes Vaginal Laxity?

Posted on December 5, 2017

Vaginal walls are largely made up of fibrous material and collagen that provides it strength and flexibility. As a woman ages, the natural collagen fibers are diminished, resulting in vaginal looseness or laxity. The problem is also common among women who go through vaginal delivery. The stress of childbirth can cause reduction of both the […]