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Are you a good candidate for thigh lift surgery?

Are you a good candidate for thigh lift surgery? | Houston, TexasThe upper legs become an increasingly troublesome area for many people as they age. Others experience that the thighs remain stubbornly unresponsive to diet and exercise after significant weight loss.

Cellulite, fat cells, and excess skin can accumulate on the thighs, which can make a person appear older, heavier, and less fit than they really are.

Loose skin on the thighs can make a person appear self-conscious regarding their appearance. Vigorous exercise and a balanced diet may offer good results to some people. However, others may find it challenging or even impossible to tone their thighs.

Fortunately, cosmetic surgery offers an effective solution for this issue in the form of thigh lift. The surgeon will work with the patient to develop a customized surgical plan that suits their unique goals and needs.

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides thigh lift to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding communities.


Suitable Candidates

For people who experience sagging in the thighs, a thigh lift can offer a sleeker, more youthful appearance. Many people who wish to improve the appearance of their thighs are ideal candidates for thighplasty.

However, they will need to meet certain criteria to be eligible for this procedure. These requirements help keep the patient safe during the surgery and maximize their chances of accomplishing a more contoured thigh appearance.

In general, a person will be a suitable candidate for a thigh lift plastic surgery if they:

Have undesirable skin and soft tissue along their thighs

The cosmetic surgeon will be able to eliminate thin layers of stubborn fat during the procedure. However, thighplasty is not meant for this purpose and cannot replace proper exercise and diet.

Maintain a stable weight

If the patient has not achieved their weight loss goals, losing more weight could cause the thigh tissue to sag again. In addition, putting on a substantial amount of weight can also interfere with the outcomes. The surgeon may be able to work with the patient to determine their target weight for this surgery.

Are in good overall health

Chronic conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes could interfere with the patient’s ability to recover properly or safely go under the necessary anesthesia or sedation.

Do not smoke

Smoking can compromise the recovery process and increase the patient’s risk of complications. If the patient smokes, they may still be a candidate for thighplasty if they agree to quit smoking for prescribed duration before and after their procedure.  

Do not drink heavily

Excessive drinking can impede the healing process and increase the patient’s risk of developing complications.

Are psychologically healthy

Thigh lift cosmetic surgery can be physically as well as emotionally taxing.

Have reasonable expectations for the procedure

The surgeon will offer the patient more information on the potential outcomes.

Have the commitment to maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen after the thigh lift surgery to preserve the outcomes

The cosmetic surgeon will be able to assess the patient’s candidacy for thigh lift surgery by examining their body, reviewing their health records, and discussing their goals during the pre-op consultation.

If the patient is not a candidate for thighplasty, the surgeon may be able to recommend another treatment option to enable them to improve the appearance of their thighs.

Female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for thigh lift.
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