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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
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Lift and Restore the Breasts

A Breast Lift restores deflated, droopy breasts to appear perkier and firmer. Over time, our skin becomes less elastic due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuation, and aging. By removing excess skin the nipples and areolas are lifted and the remaining stretched-out skin is tightened. Breasts that were once saggy are able to regain a natural, more youthful appearance.


Breast lift surgery can provide relief from physical issues such as skin irritation which is brought about by the disproportion between the size of the breasts. Unbalanced breasts can be made more symmetrical, and overly large and stretched areolas can be reduced in size. If a breast lift is done alongside augmentation, then it can add to the volume and make the breast tissue appear more prominent.


During a consultation, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kristi Hustak will evaluate the patient’s breasts and ask a series of questions to better understand the patient’s wants and needs. After carefully listening to the patient’s goal(s), Dr. Hustak will design a personalized plan best suited to help the patient achieve her desired goal(s).


Dr. Hustak will perform the patient’s breast lift in ACPS’ private surgicentre located at our Kimberley location.

There are various techniques to perform a breast lift:

Performed on patients who have minimal sagging and only require a slight lift to achieve their goals. A crescent lift uses a small incision on the top edge of the areola and removes a small amount of excess skin above the areola so that the areola can be reattached at a higher point on the breast. A breast augmentation may also be performed with a crescent lift to make the breast fuller in size.

Also known as a “Donut” lift, this technique is performed on women who have mild sagging. Incisions are made around the border of the areola a small amount of skin is removed. This incision allows Dr. Hustak to reduce the size of the areola while lifting the breasts. An implant may also be used to help lift the breast and enhance the breast’s size. The scar will blend naturally with the edges of the areola. 

Also known as a “Lollipop” lift, is performed on patients whose breasts have more moderate sagging and uses two incisions to recontour the breasts. The first incision outlines the areola while the second incision starts at the bottom of the areola and continues vertically down to the crease beneath the breast. Excess skin is removed and the breast is tightened. Scars are easily hidden and will fade over time.

Also known as “Anchor,” this technique is performed on patients with excessive sagging and uses three incisions to reshape the breast. Like a vertical lift, the first and second incisions are made along the edge of the areola and vertically down to the breast crease. The third incision is made horizontally along the breast crease. These incisions allow Dr. Hustak to remove excess skin, lift the breast, reduce the areola, and correct asymmetry. Scars from an inverted breast lift are easily hidden and will fade over time.


After the procedure, the patient will be wrapped in bandages to help support the breasts as well as to keep swelling and bruising to a minimum. The swelling and bruising will subside after a few weeks and prineo (surgical tape) is removed in three weeks. Once the bandages are removed a sports bra, provided by Dr. Hustak, will be worn to help position the breasts. Patients are able to return to work after 1-2 weeks and are able to resume light physical activity after 3-4 weeks.

Combining Procedures

Liposuction: Removes unwanted fat, contours the body, and enhances the results. Liposuction is a great adjunct for the bra line and armpit areas. Learn more >

Tummy Tuck: Removes excess fat and skin around the abdomen and tightens the abdominal wall giving patients a smoother and more toned tummy. Learn more >

Breast Augmentation: Most breast lifts are combined with a breast augmentation to add volume and lift to the breasts. Learn more >


Scarring is inevitable with any intensive surgery. Depending on which technique is used for your breast lift, the scars will either blend naturally along the edge of the areola or can be hidden easily with clothing including in a bikini. 

The Vertical and Inverted-T techniques are used for both breast reductions and lifts. The only difference between a breast reduction and lift is a reduction removes excess tissue to reduce the size of the breasts. 

No, a breast lift can be performed without the use of an implant. A breast implant is typically used on patients whose breasts are deflated and would like to increase their breast mass. Fat grafting is another alternative to add volume to the breast without the use of an implant.

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