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Cosmetic Vaginoplasty
Houston, TX

Tighten And Remove Excess Skin

Cosmetic vaginoplasty is a procedure that aims to tighten a stretched vaginal canal by removing excessive lining and in some cases, tightening the surrounding muscles. This aims to increase friction during intercourse with resulting increased sensation and pleasure. This is a common complaint in women after childbirth vaginally and is often more exaggerated the more children one has had.

Is this Procedure Right For Me?

If you are someone that loses urine excessively with simple daily activities or straining, or has issues with bowel incontinence or chronic constipation, these could be a signs that a functional pelvic floor issue is present. These may be more appropriately treated with functional procedures that can be addressed by a team of pelvic floor specialists. After an examination, Dr. Hustak can better advise you on what procedure may benefit you the most.

Procedure and Recovery

This procedure is most often done under general anesthesia and can take 1-2 hours to complete. It can easily be combined with other procedures. A disposable undergarment and absorbent pad will be placed at the time of the procedure to collect drainage. All sutures are absorbable. No strenuous activity or heavy lifting restrictions remain in place for 2 weeks. Vaginal intercourse is restricted for 6 weeks. Most women return to work the second week after they are no longer taking oral pain medication.

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