Brazilian Butt Lift
Houston, TX

Reshape And Volumize The Buttocks

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that enhances the buttocks and/or hips by using fat taken from one part of the body and injecting it back into the buttocks. By transferring fat into the buttocks, patients can achieve a more natural, shapely figure without the use of implants. Only so much fat can be transferred at a time to ensure the safety of the patients. This means some patients may need multiple sessions to achieve their desired look.



The Brazilian butt lift offers a variety of advantages, such as enlargement and enhancement of the curves of the buttocks, lifting of the buttocks, and a more harmonious overall figure. Depending on the individual’s wishes, fat pockets on the hips, thighs, and buttocks can be reduced or increased. Additionally, unwanted fat can be removed from the stomach, arms, thighs, hips, face, and numerous other regions of the body, with the abdomen, flanks, and lower back typically being used for a conventional Brazilian butt lift.


During a consultation, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kristi Hustak will evaluate the patient’s desired areas he/she would like to improve while asking a series of questions to better understand the patient’s wants and needs. After carefully listening to the patient’s goal(s), Dr. Hustak will design a personalized plan best suited to help the patient achieve his/her desired goal(s).

Surgery and Recovery

A Brazilian butt lift is a two-part procedure that uses liposuction and fat grafting. Beginning with liposuction, Dr. Hustak injects a tumescent solution into the areas where fat will be removed. The tumescent solution breaks up the fat allowing Dr. Hustak to remove unwanted excess fat from the donor sites. Once the fat is removed, it is placed in a container to be purified and prepared for injection into the buttocks. Finally, Dr. Hustak transfers the fat into the buttocks giving the patient a fuller, more shapely figure. Fat pockets, which cause the surface of the skin to seem lumpy and uneven after the procedure, are temporary and will result in a smoother and more youthful appearance. Although this is not a treatment of cellulite, cellulite appearance is often improved after fat transfer.

After the procedure, the patient will be placed in compression garments to help shape the newly contoured figure as well as to help keep swelling and bruising to a minimum. Patients will have little to no scarring since the access sites are small. After a couple of months, the patient will begin to see his/her true results from the procedure.

Spa Products

Revision- BodiFrim: Helps give the skin a more sculpted appearance by tightening skin that may be thin and/or crepey while hydrating the skin’s moisture barrier. 

Skinceuticals- Body Tightening Concentrate: Helps to tighten, lift, and firm sagging skin.  

Alastin- TransFORM Body Treatment: Accelerates and maximizes results by assisting the body’s repair processes while enhancing the production of elastin and collagen growth.

Combining Procedures

Tummy Tuck – Removes excess fat and skin around the abdomen and tightens the abdominal wall giving patients a smoother and more toned tummy. Learn more >

Breast Augmentation – Patients who want to add volume to their breast without the use of an implant can use fat grafting as a natural alternative. Learn more >

Fat grafting to the Face – Injection into the central face fat components to improve the cheeks, under-eye, and nasolabial folds. Learn more >


Patients are asked to use a pressure release pillow for a minimum of 3 weeks. Sitting for a maximum of 2 hours initially, with one minute in between, will maximize fat viability.
Fat transferred and survival will stabilize at 6 weeks. After that, a stable weight will ensure continued maximum results. Weight gain will result in a larger augmentation, weight loss will result in a decreased volume.
Patients may resume physical activities at 6 weeks when the fat transferred is stabilized.

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