Breast Implant Removal After Rupture / Capsular Contracture

Breast Implant Removal After Rupture / Capsular Contracture | HoustonBreast augmentation continues to rank as the number one cosmetic surgery procedure in the US for several years. However, this does not mean that breast implants cannot fail and the results of your breast augmentation procedure will last a lifetime. Most women may need to undergo breast implant removal or replacement surgery at some stage in the future.

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Need for Breast Implant Removal

Although a majority of women may choose breast implant removal or exchange plastic surgery at some point due to a change in their aesthetic preferences, in some cases, this procedure may be a medical or cosmetic necessity. Here are some of those conditions: 

  • Implant rupture or deflation – a tear or a hole may develop on the implant surface, causing the filling to leak out of the implant shell.
  • Capsular contracture – the scar tissue that envelopes the implant may tend to become hard, causing tightness and pain in the breast. 
  • Implant rippling or wrinkling, which is visible on the surface. 
  • Implant displacement – shifting of the implant from its position.
  • Calcification – buildup of calcium in the breast tissue. 
  • Implant extrusion – the implant breaks through the skin because of a skin breakdown. 
  • Hematoma or seroma – blood clot formation or fluid collection around the implant site. 
  • Infection or breast implant illness. 
  • Ptosis – when the breasts begin to sag due to stretched skin. 


Surgical Techniques for Implant Removal

Based on your unique needs, your surgeon will create a customized surgical plan in close consultation with you. You may have your breast implants removed with one or a combination of the following options:

  • Implant removal – this is a standalone procedure, which will only involve the removal of your breast implants.
  • Implant exchange – if you are unhappy with the current size or type of your implants, you may choose this implant exchange or implant replacement plastic surgery, which will involve placement of new implants at the same time of removal of the old ones. 
  • Implant removal with breast lift – if your breast tissue has stretched or sagged over the years, your surgeon may perform breast implant removal in combination with a breast lift to tighten and firm up your breast appearance. 
  • Capsulectomy – if the surgeon determines that you need scar tissue removal along with the implant, they may decide to perform a full or partial capsulectomy, or use the en bloc capsulectomy technique in certain cases. 



Your post-operative recovery process will depend on the type of surgical technique used. In general, you can expect to return to your normal routine in about 7 to 14 days. In the first week, the surgeon may prescribe you mild pain medications to keep you comfortable. You should continue to avoid lifting of heavy weights and doing any vigorous exercises for at least four to six weeks following your breast implant removal surgery.

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