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Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal | Houston, TexasNo woman imagines that the breast implants that she gets during her breast augmentation cosmetic surgery might one day need to be removed. However, many women who have breast implants decide to have them removed at some point of time. 

Numerous factors, such as lifestyle changes, a breast cancer diagnosis, or experiencing complications, such as capsular contracture, may be some of the reasons for seeking breast implant removal surgery. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides breast implant removal to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding locations.


What is Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal surgery is a procedure that reverses breast enlargement. In this procedure, the surgeon removes the breast implants or revises their size and shape. At some point, many women who have received breast implant surgery will require another breast implant revision procedure, such as:

  • Implant removal and subsequent replacement with new implants
  • Repositioning the existing implants
  • Implant removal without replacement

The plastic surgeon may recommend the removal of the breast implants if a patient experiences complications with her implants, such as infection or capsular contracture. 


Who is Breast Implant Removal Surgery Suitable for?

Women usually choose to have their breast implants removed for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Implant complications: Implant folding, deflation (if the implants contain saline), or rupture are some complications associated with breast implants.
  • Personal preference: Some women may feel that their breast implants are not the right size or shape. The implants may have shifted from their initial position over time due to pregnancies, weight gain, or weight loss.
  • Other complications: Infection, tension bands asymmetry, capsular contracture, leakage of silicone, and displacement.


What happens during Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

Breast implant removal plastic surgery is performed with the patient under general anesthesia. It takes between one to three hours to complete. The patient may be able to go back home on the day of the surgery itself, depending on her recovery. 

The three most common breast removal surgery techniques are:

Breast Implant Removal Only

The surgeon will make the incision in the same region as where the incisions were placed for the original breast augmentation surgery. In cases of capsular contracture, they will remove the tightened capsules to expedite the process of healing. 

Breast Implant Removal with a Breast Lift

The cosmetic surgeon may perform a breast lift along with breast implant removal in cases where the breast skin is sagging or has been stretched. They will remove any excess breast skin and tighten the breast tissue for stronger support. The surgeon may also, at times, re-size the areolas to fit the new breast shape more appropriately.  


With saline breast implants, the cosmetic surgeon may decide to deflate them without undertaking surgery. The deflation can take place in-office under local anesthesia. The results of this deflation will determine whether the patient requires further surgery, such as a breast implant replacement surgery or a breast lift. 


Recovery after Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Most women report experiencing minimal discomfort after the procedure and are able to return to work in five days. Patients who have had breast implants removed due to capsular contracture will experience more discomfort and a prolonged recovery period. 

Female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for breast implant removal.

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