Breast Reconstruction Before And After Photos

Breast Reconstruction Before And After Photos | Houston, TexasFor women who have undergone breast removal or mastectomy, breast reconstruction plastic surgery may be an ideal solution to restore their breast appearance.

At the time of the initial consultation, the surgeon will show the patient breast reconstruction before and after photos to allow them to understand the potential results of the procedure.

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides breast reconstruction to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding locations.


What are Breast Reconstruction Before and After Pictures?

Breast reconstruction ‘before and after’ pictures refers to a pair or group of images of previous patients who have undergone the reconstruction procedure with successful results.

These pictures are taken before the surgery and after the procedure when the post-op swelling and bruising have subsided, and the complete results of the procedure are visible.

The surgeon will obtain these pictures with the express consent of the patient and show them to new patients in a discreet and judicious manner. The surgeon will also not reveal the identity of the patient according to standard norms.

The sole purpose of showing these images is to allow the new patient to develop clarity on the potential results of breast reconstruction surgery.



Breast reconstruction is a significant and life-altering surgery for patients, and they are understandably concerned about any procedure which involves artificial reconstruction.

The surgeon can present breast reconstruction ‘before and after’ images to a new patient to offer her reassurance on the outcomes of the surgery and its ability to meet their cosmetic goals.

Some patients may require reconstruction in only one breast while others may need it in both breasts. Sometimes the patient may need only minor reconstruction after a lumpectomy. In each scenario, the patient can make an educated decision after viewing breast reconstruction before and after photos.

The fantastic about modern technology is that clarity has been brought to the forefront in a spectacular manner. Now with Internet technology anyone can see salient pictures without even getting off their couch. Using the device that most people have or even their own desktop or laptop, anyone can see these stellar pictures and then apply them to their own body.

Dr. Hustak’s website has a plethora of images on this topic so anyone can get a quick grasp that she knows this field very well.


Combining Pictures with Text

If the breast reconstruction before and after images are accompanied by descriptive text detailing the reasons for the procedure and how it addressed the patient’s unique needs, it may be even more beneficial for new patients.

Clear, concise, and informative descriptive text encapsulates the previous patient’s journey making it easier for new patients to understand the process. Including such texts in before and after photo galleries can be ideal as patients connect more effectively to pictures while stories enable them to recall the associated details more precisely.


Sharing Your Images

Surgeons can share breast reconstruction before and after images in the following ways to raise awareness about the procedure and educate prospective patients.

  • Website Galleries: Creating a breast reconstruction before and after image gallery on their practice website. Dr. Hustak does this with the best of them. Her website has image after image of some of the brilliant work she has done.
  • Portfolios: Developing a photo portfolio to present to new patients considering breast reconstruction surgery.
  • Blog Posts: Adding images to a blog post can offer patients visual evidence of the procedure results.
  • Social Media Channels: Images can effectively optimize social media posts. But it is important to use discretion when posting on social media platforms due to their public nature.

A comprehensive ‘before and after’ image gallery can serve to educate patients as well as act as a promotional tool for the plastic surgeon and their practice which is the case here. It is a platform to showcase their skills and expertise while simultaneously informing prospective patients on complex plastic surgeries such as breast reconstruction.

Now a patient, using these images, can know what they are getting into and what to expect in a fundamental way before signing any paperwork. This gives lots of power to the patient regardless on which direction they choose to take.

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for breast reconstruction.

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