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Breast Lift

Breast Lift | Mastopexy | Plastic Surgeon | Katy, TX | Houston, TXBreast lift (also known as mastopexy) is a procedure that corrects a drooping breast and nipple-areolar complex and places them back onto the chest wall in a more pleasing position and with better shape. The nipple areola complex is also reduced as it often becomes stretched with the breast skin envelope as it droops.

Most women are unsure whether they need just a lift, a lift and an augmentation, or an augmentation alone. Once Dr. Hustak hears your goals and examines your breasts, she can better advise you on the best option to satisfy your aesthetic goals.
There are many reasons why breasts sag, but to some degree, this will happen to us all. Gravity and the ageing process always seem to win. Weight changes and pregnancy can expedite this process as well.

There are many different techniques used to lift a breast and which one to choose will be determined after examining you and discovering your goals. The procedure chosen will then determine whether the scar is just around your areola (donut or peri-areolar), extends vertically down your breast(lollipop or vertical), or ends in an inverted T or anchor pattern scar.

What to expect: Breast Lift

A breast lift can be done with or without changing the size of your breasts. If you desire more volume, Dr. Hustak may recommend adding breast implants. If your breasts are very heavy and pendulous, Dr. Hustak may recommend a breast reduction as the procedure of choice.

time. Then you are given information regarding the fees and an opportunity to select a date for your surgery, if you so desire.
The procedure lasts approximately two- three hours. You can go home the same day. You will be placed in a surgical wrap after surgery and will be transitioned to a soft sports bra with no underwires thereafter. No drains are used.

Discomfort is mild and should resolve within the first week. Most women can drive in three to five days, at which point they no longer require pain medication. Most women return to work with restrictions after a week. You are not allowed to do any lifting or exercise for the first three weeks. You can return to normal activities in a graduated fashion thereafter.

You will notice improvement to your breast shape immediately after surgery, but it will continue to improve over the first three post-operative months. Swelling is normal. Aggressive scar management begins as soon as healing is adequate.

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