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Cosmetic Vaginoplasty Under Local Anesthesia [VIDEO]

Cosmetic Vaginoplasty

Childbirth doesn’t just stretch the skin and tissues of the abdomen, it takes a huge toll on the vaginal opening as well – particularly if you have delivered more than one child vaginally. The skin and tissues become loose, making it impossible for many patients to tighten around their partners during intercourse. Not only does this adversely affect the woman’s ability to orgasm, but also the couple’s ability to experience sexual pleasure.

While there are non-surgical modalities that can help to tighten the tissues of the vagina, there comes a point where they stop being as effective. Dr. Kristi Hustak of Houston, TX discusses the cosmetic vaginoplasty, a surgical procedure that can deliver permanent benefits, as well as a unique technique that allows her to perform this procedure in the clinic under local anesthesia. Read more.

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