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How much does Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Cost? | Houston, TexasFacelift (Rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck. An extensive facelift can take years off your appearance revealing a youthful version of yourself. It is vitally important that all the layers of the face are addressed and potentially adjusted with a facelift, not just the skin, as this will improve the longevity and naturalness of your facelift.

Who’s a candidate?

Aging brings visible changes to the face and neck such as sagging jowls, hollowing of the face, and the loose skin and fat in the neck. Skin texture, wrinkles, and fat deposit decent all play a role.

Other factors can speed up the aging process such as smoking, sun damage, extreme weight fluctuations, stress, and gravity.

Procedure: step by step

One of our board-certified anesthesiologists will administer the general anesthesia to make you comfortable for the procedure. They will stay for the entire procedure to ensure you are safely monitored while undergoing your surgery.

Dr. Hustak will begin the incisions based on the extent of your facelift. The incision will be placed in the hairline and go around the ear. This will hide in the hairline and create a seamless scar.

Once the incisions are made, Dr. Hustak will begin to lift the skin away from the underlying muscles and fatty tissue. The layers of the muscle and tissues of the face will be lifted and fatty tissues may be removed or sculpted to the desired thickness.

The skin will be stretched back over the facial structure and trimmed accordingly to create a smooth contour. She will delicately sew dissolvable sutures along the incision.

From the operating room, you will be transferred to recovery and kept overnight in one of our post-operative recovery suites. Our nurses will monitor you and make sure you stay comfortable during your initial recovery.

A facelift is usually performed with other procedures such as a brow lift, blepharoplasty, facial implants, fat grafting and/or a neck lift.


A neck lift (lower rhytidectomy) addresses loose sagging jowls and improves the appearance of the jawline and neck contours.

The incision typically begins in the hairline and continues down the ear. The skin is pulled away so the underlying tissue so the muscles can be tightened. A small incision is made under the chin to remove the excess fat under the chin area. The skin is pulled tight and trimmed to remove the excess before being sewn into place. The incisions will heal nicely into the hairline for minimal detection.

Facelift Recovery

The initial recovery process will consist of swelling and slight bruising. A rented cooling face mask machine will help with this stage of the healing. Follow the protocol given to you by Dr. Hustak and the surgery center team to achieve the optimal results.

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