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Monsplasty Surgery (Pubic Lift)

The mons (mons pubis) is the hair-bearing triangular region of fatty tissue that sits just above your anterior pubic bone (pubic symphysis) and is in between your lower abdomen and vulva as it turns into your labia majora. This region is also hormonally sensitive and can change shape with weight fluctuations or menopause.

The mons is an important area to consider for balance of the female external genitals and should be considered with all labia consults.  Some women complain of fullness, which can easily be addressed with direct excision and re-suspension or liposuction. This is often addressed during a tummy tuck but can also be addressed in isolation. In women that have undergone deflation, this area can be addressed temporarily with dermal fillers, or more commonly, with fat grafting for a permanent effect.

What to Expect: Monsplasty

The mons region is often addressed at the same time as a tummy tuck given its proximity and relation to the lower abdomen. Procedures can involve direct wedge excision, re-suspension with sutures, and/or liposuction. When done in isolation, excess skin can be resected by creating a scar at the junction of the lower abdomen or within the mons itself. This will allow suture placement at the same time to re-position this region into a more youthful appearance. If no excess skin needs to be resected, the area can easily be treated with liposuction. Direct excision is better performed under general anesthesia. Liposuction can be done under local anesthesia in some cases. Patients can go home the same day. A compression garment will be placed after surgery. No heavy lifting or strenuous activity restrictions will be in place for 2 weeks with graduated return to activity thereafter.

In women with atrophy, fat grafting is a good option to restore balance and cushion to the mons region. This is done under general anesthesia. Liposuction is performed in areas of unwanted excess (hips, thighs, abdomen) and the fat is collected, processed, then re-injected into the mons using small gauge blunt tip cannulas. A compression garment in placed to areas of liposuction. Sutures are absorbable. Bruising and swelling is normal after fat grafting. The effect will be immediate. Although fat is permanent, some transferred fat does get absorbed so in select patients, additional fat grafting may be necessary. No heavy lifting or strenuous activity restrictions will be in place for 2 weeks with graduated return to activity thereafter.

The result is a more youthful appearance with balanced proportions.

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