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How long do cosmetic plastic surgery procedures last?

How long do cosmetic plastic surgery procedures last? | Houston, TexasIf a person is planning to undergo plastic surgery, an important aspect of their research will usually include how long will be the healing process and what results they can expect. But the longevity of the results should also be a consideration while choosing a procedure. 

This will help the patient in selecting a procedure that not only fulfills their aesthetic expectations, but also suits their budget and lifestyle. Another significant aspect in the decision of cosmetic surgery is to choose the appropriate time in one’s life to go through the surgery.

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Factors Influencing the Sustainability of a Procedure

Some of the major factors that will have an impact on the longevity of results in a cosmetic surgery procedure include:

Breast Implants need Replacement

A number of women wish to choose larger sized implants during their first consultation for breast augmentation. But an experienced surgeon will inform the patient if her choice is suitable for her body type. Although breast implants do not have an expiry date, they also do not come with a lifetime guarantee. 

The average life of the silicone or saline implants is usually between ten to twenty years. Therefore, women planning to go through breast augmentation should plan for the replacement of implants at some point of time in the future. 


A Healthy Lifestyle is Vital for Body Contouring

Certain cosmetic procedures require a permanent change in lifestyle after the surgery in order to maintain the results for long. Body contouring surgeries such as liposuction and tummy tuck must be supported with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet to maintain best results for a long time. If the patient is not able to manage a healthy and active lifestyle, they might regain the fatty tissue or excessive skin in the same or other areas. 

Breast enhancement with fat transfer and breast reduction surgery are also long-term procedures. However, significant weight gain or loss after the surgery can have an impact on the size of the breast. For this reason, the patients should maintain a healthy and stable weight post-procedure. 


Surgery Cannot Stop the Process of Aging 

Gravitational forces and the natural aging process will continue to exist even after the surgical procedure has been accomplished, and these factors will continue to weaken the skin elasticity. As a result, over a period of time, soft tissues will surrender to that pressure. For instance, a facelift may not appear as ‘amazing’ as it did in the first year or two after the procedure was undertaken. 

Nearly twenty percent of patients who have undergone facelift come back within seven years of their procedure looking for revisions or further facial tightening. Signs of aging are usually first seen around the eyes, and even after an eye lift, the face will continue to age. Therefore, patients may need to repeat their upper eyelid surgery after five to seven years.

Patients can improve the longevity of facial rejuvenation procedures by keeping themselves hydrated and using a sunscreen with a high SPF every day. They should also stay away from cigarettes and alcohol because these can lead to premature aging as well. 


Does the patient’s age make a difference?

The age of a patient is not the deciding factor by itself. If a person is in good health and does not suffer from medical conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes or high blood pressure, they could still be a suitable candidate for cosmetic surgery. 

However, there are procedures, which if not performed before a particular age, will not deliver the perfect or most long lasting results. For instance, in the case of a facelift, the elasticity of the skin reduces with age. As a result the results will be much better if a patient undertakes the procedure in their forties or fifties, rather than later.

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