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How Long Until I Can Have Sex After Labiaplasty

How Long Until I Can Have Sex After Labiaplasty | Houston Plastic SurgeryThe shape and size of the labia varies from woman to the next. Moreover, in certain cases, the labia may have a pronounced asymmetry or deformity that makes the woman feel conscious. Labiaplasty is designed to enhance the overall appearance, shape, and size of the labia to help a woman feel emotionally confident and physically comfortable. 

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures are usually performed for boosting a patient’s confidence in the bedroom. It is only natural for you to wonder how long before you can resume having sex. It’s integral that you allow your body to heal following a labiaplasty. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides labiaplasty to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding locations. 

Abstinence from Sexual Intercourse Following Labiaplasty

Most labiaplasty patients need to give it at least a month following their procedure to start having intercourse. There are different types of labiaplasty. If you had the surgery performed on both labia minora and majora, you may need to wait longer for recuperating. Based on this, everyone heals differently. 

With that said, it’s fundamental that you give your body the necessary downtime before restarting sexual intercourse. Your surgeon will clear you for sexual activity after checking the incisions during one of the post-operative appointments. 

Risks of Having Sex Without Healing

The labia play a central role in sexual intercourse. Labiaplasty cosmetic surgery involves incisions around the vaginal area. You need to allow enough time before engaging in intimate activities. The biggest concern of not allowing enough time to heal is that it may damage the healing wound.

Sex and other physical engagement places pressure on the healing wound and skin. This can result in complications with healing. Agitation to the incisions can lead to infection. It may cause the sutures to reopen if they have not yet closed properly. You should take a minimum of a week off if you are planning a surgical labiaplasty. This rest is necessary for your body to recovery. 

You shouldn’t go to work or perform any household chores during this period. Your surgeon will ask you to wait a few more weeks before clearing you for exercises and other strenuous activities. You will notice an attractive and youthful looking new labia taking shape as the swelling resolves and the tissues settle and heal. 

This will be around the sixth week following the plastic surgery procedure. You should know the results will continue improving time. It may take at least 6 months before final results are visible. 

Tips For Healing Faster

It can be hard abstaining from intimacy, especially when you have a new, desirably shaped labia. There are certain aftercare habits and routine that can help in speeding up the recovery process. These habits will at least ensure that you are ready for sexual intercourse after a month instead of requiring additional recovery time. 

  • Taking anti-inflammatory drugs and prescription painkillers exactly as prescribed.
  • Taking antibiotics on time as prescribed. These are given out of an abundance of caution to labiaplasty patients for preventing an infection.
  • Getting plenty of rest.

Female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for labiaplasty.

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