How should you prepare for rhinoplasty nose surgery?

How should you prepare for rhinoplasty nose surgery? | Houston, TexasIt will take the patient less than two hours, on average, to undergo rhinoplasty plastic surgery. However, the entire rhinoplasty process requires a significant time commitment.

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Main Preparatory Steps

The patient will need to take the following key steps in preparing for the rhinoplasty surgery:

  • Acquiring general information on the rhinoplasty procedure and the surgeon’s background
  • Setting-up a consultation
  • Following the necessary diet-related and lifestyle changes
  • Arranging for aftercare
  • Planning for the recovery phase


Developing Reasonable Expectations

A vital part of the pre-op preparation period is developing reasonable expectations from the procedure. The patient should review as many rhinoplasty ‘before and after’ pictures as they can to develop an understanding of the potential results of the procedure.

There are various online cosmetic surgery forums and groups where the patient can get information and tips from individuals who have undergone nose reshaping surgery previously.


Changes in Diet and Medicines

In the weeks ahead of the rhinoplasty, the patient should focus on preparing their body for the nose surgery. The patient will be more resilient and will be able to recover faster if they are fit and healthy. The surgeon may advise the following changes:

  • Discontinuing the use of aspirin and other blood thinners
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Quit smoking, if the patient is a smoker
  • Taking vitamins C and E, and iron supplements for faster healing
  • Disclosing any pre-existing illnesses to the surgeon
  • Filling the prescriptions for pain meds and antibiotics
  • Creating a stock of “soft” foods for the initial recovery period


Other Preparatory Steps

The patient can undertake the following in preparation for their rhinoplasty surgery:

  • Purchase the medicine: The patient should ensure that they fill any prescriptions that the surgeon has provided before their rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Stock up on food items: The patient should stock up on food and drink items that are easy to consume. They may feel nauseous following the surgery. Therefore, it is advisable to have some nutritious and comforting food in their refrigerator. During the initial recovery period, the patient should not have spicy, hot, or hard to chew foods for safe healing.
  • Buy lip balm: The patient will experience a dry mouth after the surgery. Therefore, they should ensure that they have an adequate supply of lip balms and drinks to ensure they remain moist and comfortable.
  • Stay hydrated: The patient should drink plenty of water in the days ahead of the surgery as well as after the procedure. Being hydrated can reduce nausea and help the patient feel better after the procedure.
  • Shower: The patient should make sure that they take a shower prior to the surgery.


The Day of Surgery

  • Do not eat: The patient should not eat anything past midnight on the day of the rhinoplasty as it is believed to be safer to perform surgery on an empty stomach
  • Wearing button-up tops: The patient will be unable to pull anything over their head after the nose surgery. Therefore, they should wear button-up tops and comfortable footwear to the procedure.
  • Arrange for transportation: The patient should arrange for a ride as they will not be able to drive back home after the surgery. This is something that any patient must realize and make prior arrangements for.

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