How to Choose The Best Breast Lift Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift cosmetic surgery is not just about removing excess skin to tighten and lift sagging breasts. A skilled surgeon will also reshape the breast tissue to create symmetrical, natural looking, and highly desirable outcomes.

Patients should invest time and effort in selecting the right breast surgeon for their needs in order to achieve the results they want. Prudent board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides breast lift to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding communities in the illustrious Lone Star State.

Desirable Attributes of a Plastic Surgeon

While choosing a plastic surgeon, a patient should look for the following personal qualities:

  • Warm and caring, transparent, easy to talk to
  • Inclined to inform the patient on various facets of the procedure
  • Passionate about the idea of making a difference in an individual’s life through plastic surgery
  • Ability to understand the innate cosmetic needs, aspirations, hopes, and concerns of the patient
  • Possess detailed knowledge of the breast anatomy
  • Possess an artistic outlook along with a sense of balance, form, and proportion

In addition to the above, a plastic surgeon should be able to furnish before and after pictures of previous breast surgery patients. They should also show the patient testimonials from previous patients, as necessary.

Why Select an ABPS Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

In choosing an ABPS board certified plastic surgeon, the patient entrusts her body to a surgeon who has been certified by the leading authority in the field – the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The surgeon would have earned this certification after undergoing the most comprehensive and rigorous selection process for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

This certification varies significantly from “cosmetic surgeon” as their certification does not have recognition from the ABPS.

They may have received sub-optimal or insufficient training in the surgeries that they offer. After gaining certification from the ABPS, the surgeon’s procedure outcomes and safety records are tracked by the board continuously. The board also reviews the surgeon’s work from an ethical point of view.

Focus on Individualization and Innovation

A surgeon can achieve the most successful results in any procedure if they customize the plastic surgery according to the unique anatomical and cosmetic requirements of the patient. The patient satisfaction levels are highest when the surgery is individualized to create more complete and natural looking outcomes.

By constantly updating their skills and expertise to use the most advanced surgical techniques and technologies, surgeons may be able to offer patients the best results from a surgical procedure. The use of the latest breast surgery solutions makes the procedure less invasive and painful with reduced recovery time and lower risks of complications.

Combining Art and Science

In order to develop safe yet beautiful breast surgery results, the surgeon must be a master at combining the principles of art as well as science. If the surgeon follows a comprehensive and individualized approach to breast surgery, they will be able to provide the patient outcomes that are safe, predictable, natural looking and cosmetically appealing.

Personal Attention and Care

The patient should receive a warm and comfortable setting with the assurance of the highest quality of care from the surgeon and their staff.  The surgeon’s team should be supportive of the patient and willing to offer assistance throughout the breast surgery process.

The patient’s experience with the surgeon and his staff should be very satisfying and comforting, starting from easy appointment scheduling to a caring and professional breast surgery process. The main priority of the surgeon and their team should be to provide the patient with an excellent treatment experience.

Devoted female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and other towns and cities in this part of the southwest for breast lift.

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