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Lip Augmentation Surgery

Lip Augmentation

Sensual lips are a dream of most women to attain a beautiful pout. Fuller lips can go a long way in enhancing facial beauty. You can achieve your aesthetic goals sustainably with the help of lip enhancement plastic surgery. There are plenty of non-invasive options as well if you do not want to undergo a surgical procedure.

Your cosmetic surgeon may recommend using a treatment based on dermal injectables. This can help you attain more defined and plumper lips. However, dermal injectables offer results for a short period of time. Lip augmentation surgeries on the other hand offer permanent results. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides lip augmentation to patients in Houston, Texas and surrounding locations.

Ideal Candidates for Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation surgery works well on adults in any age group. However, you are an ideal candidate if you have naturally thin lips. You are suitable for the procedure if you have suffered volume loss in the lips because of aging and other factors too.

It’s vital for candidates to be in good health before getting lip enhancement cosmetic surgery. This will ensure quicker recovery. You should also keep your expectations realistic to begin with.

Lip Implants Augmentation

Permanent lip augmentation can be achieved with a lip implant. You can choose from a range of synthetic lip implants. Your plastic surgeon will recommend an implant that is most appropriate based on your needs and goals. Lip implants help in improving the volume and shape of lips. The surgery doesn’t take more than an hour if performed by a board certified plastic surgeon.

The surgery involves making tiny incisions around the mouth corners. A thin tunnel is then carved out to make space for the implant. The surgeon will then insert the implant and thread it all the way along the lip. Excess corners will be trimmed away precisely to achieve your desired volume and shape.

Lip Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Lip augmentation with fat transfer is another way of getting the desired shape and volume in your lips. This approach is recommended for patients where implant insertion is not an option. The procedure involves removal of excess fat from areas where there is surplus and filling the lips with it.

The procedure results in softer and more natural looking lips. It is also a less invasive way of lip augmentation as compared to inserting implants. The biggest advantage is that surplus fat from your body is used to plump up the lips. This reduces the risk of an allergen reaction. The procedure results in tiny pin prick marks on the lips.

Your surgeon will perform the procedure under local anesthesia. General anesthesia may be recommended by the surgeon under special circumstances. A secondary benefit of lip augmentation using fat transfer is that excess or surplus fat is removed from another part of the body. This can help you appear thinner.

Lip enhancement plastic surgery is a relatively minor procedure, whether you choose implants or fat transfer. In many cases, your surgeon might only use local anesthesia with mild sedation to perform the procedure. Female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and nearby areas for lip enhancement treatments.

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