Preparing For Breast Reconstruction

Preparing For Breast Reconstruction | Houston, TexasBreast reconstructive plastic surgery is a significant procedure and one that involves an extensive treatment and recovery process.

The patient should be willing to commit the necessary time for this procedure. The surgeon will offer the patient detailed preparation instructions for the reconstruction surgery.

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Breast Reconstruction Surgery Preparation

The patient will need to follow the below mentioned preparatory steps before the breast reconstruction procedure:

  • Get certain tests done such as chest x-ray, specific blood tests, and an electrocardiogram. Sometimes the surgeon may also order specialized mammograms for the patient as well.
  • If the patient smokes, she will need to discontinue smoking at least one month before the breast reconstruction to allow proper healing.
  • Not use blood thinners, anti-inflammatory drugs, and specific vitamins and herbal supplements that may lead to bleeding.
  • Change the schedule of prescription medications in consultation with the prescribing doctor.
  • Stay properly hydrated for many days before and after the surgery for best results.
  • Increase the consumption of lean proteins as well as have a balanced diet for several weeks before the surgical procedure.


At-Home Preparation

If the patient makes some advance preparations before the breast reconstruction surgery, she can transition seamlessly from the surgical venue to her home. These preparatory steps include:

  • Ensure that essential items at home are placed within convenient reach because the patient will not be able to raise her hands for some days following the surgery.
  • Arrange for frozen food or ask someone to help prepare meals for the initial few days of the recovery period.
  • Do not lift weights heavier than five pounds for at least six weeks after the surgery. The patient should seek help for such tasks in the initial few weeks following the procedure.
  • Purchase essential items and clothing before the surgery.
  • Undertake any important home or work-related tasks prior to the procedure to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable recovery period.


Loose Clothing

The patient may be unable to wear a top that pulls over her head for a few days after the breast reconstruction procedure. Therefore, it is a good idea to arrange for some loose front-open sweatshirts and shirts ahead of the surgery. Sweatshirts with internal pockets can be helpful for the storage of drain tubes.


Other Suggestions

Prior to the surgery, the patient should place some extra blankets and pillows on her bed. In addition, she may set-up a recovery station by her bedside on a nightstand with vital items such as remotes, mobile phone, a medicine box, and a handheld mirror.

She should also range for some measuring cups in the bathroom for drain pipe evacuation as recommended by the surgeon. On top of this, the patient should arrange for aftercare depending on her particular needs to enjoy a stress-free and relaxed recovery phase.


Aftercare and Transportation

Breast reconstruction surgeries are usually performed on an outpatient basis. For this reason, the patient should ask someone responsible to drive her back after the surgery. In case the patient has small children at home, it’s sagacious to arrange for someone to take care of them for a few days.

Certainly it’s wise to have a close friend or relative know about this so if you need help afterward they are not hard to reach or taken by surprise.

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