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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, dermal filler injectables currently rank at number two in the country where non-surgical aesthetic procedures are concerned. Restylane cosmetic dermal filler injectable is a proven and time-tested FDA approved treatment for reducing facial aging signs.

Your plastic surgeon, during the initial consultation will discuss various aspects of the treatment. They may also present before and after images of Restylane procedure performed on other patients. Every responsible treatment provider will make it their goal to help patients make the best possible decision based on sound information.

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides Restylane filler injections to patients in Houston, Texas and surrounding locations.

Understanding Restylane Before and After Photographs

Restylane dermal filler injections before and after images for anti-aging on the face refers to a set of pictures that pertain to a previous patient who underwent the same procedure with successful results.

The image groups will include pictures taken before the Restylane injections were delivered and after the procedure. Post-treatment pictures are taken when the initial swelling and redness have disappeared so that complete effects of the procedure can be seen.

As with every other non-surgical cosmetic procedure in medical spas, the treatment provider will make sure the before and after Restylane images are obtained with the express consent of the patient. In addition, it is up to the treatment provider to ensure that full confidentiality is maintained.

They should present the images in a discreet manner. The only purpose of this exercise should be to help new patients understand the efficiency of Restylane dermal fillers and to have realistic expectations.

Now the situation here is that these images are not on the site which means any patient will have to ask to see them during the consultation. Most likely these images will be shown to you without you having to ask to see them. This is because Dr. Hustak did not build a successful practice based on the lack of transparency offered.

Advantages of Restylane Before and After Images

Restylane is a safe, proven and FDA approved procedure. It has been backed by scores of patients and dermatologists over the years. However, new patients may still have doubts and concerns regarding the outcome and the procedure. They may worry whether results will be as expected or natural-looking.

Limited facial correction may be required by some patients with Restylane. For instance, they may need the formulation around the lips or under the eyes. In comparison, other patients may need pervasive volumizing for mitigating wrinkles and fine lines. The surgeon, in some cases, may also recommend Restylane in combination with Botox or another dermal filler injectable for better outcomes.

Patients, in each situation, with access to before and after images of Restylane procedure will be in a better position to decide. This is better for everyone because any sound and notable treatment or plastic surgery provider will want the patient to be relaxed before any treatment or surgery is signed off on. The expectation of the patient and the surgeon and their clinic should be the same. The patient should have a clean understanding on what the outcome should yield.

Setting Reasonable Expectations

Plastic surgeons, cosmetic treatment providers, and med spa experts understand the need to help their patients keep reasonable expectations from a procedure. Patients can quickly get disappointed with misplaced expectations. This is true even if the results turned out as planned. This is where before and after images come in helpful. Patients should know exactly what to expect from the procedure and Dr. Hustak and her team will make sure that occurs because they care.

Some surgeons may choose to utilize before and after images for increase patient education by disseminating these photos via social media to a larger audience. Female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and nearby areas for Restylane cosmetic filler treatments.

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