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Breast Implants And a Lift at The Same Time

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The breast lift cosmetic surgery procedure involves removal of excess breast tissue to create firmer and more youthful breasts. When loose breast skin is eliminated, the patient’s breasts appear tighter and lifted, which makes this procedure especially popular with women with droopy breasts.

Some patients could achieve more complete outcomes if a breast lift procedure is undertaken along with breast implants. The patient may not require excessively large implants when they undergo the breast lift and implant procedure in combination.

The breasts will be raised and will also increase in cup size when these two procedures are performed together. The breasts will acquire a more natural and youthful appearance than they would with a single surgery.

Reliable board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides breast augmentation with lift to patients in Houston, Texas and surrounding locations in this section of the nation.

Candidates for a Combined Procedure

Through breast augmentation with lift, a plastic surgeon can offer the patient a larger breast size, perkier breasts, and more defined breast contour.

Among women who have undergone major weight loss and find that their breasts sag now, those who have experienced changes in breast shape and size with pregnancy and nursing, and those who are unhappy with the effects of aging on their breasts, breast augmentation with lift could be an appropriate plastic surgery procedure.

About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an effective procedure for women with larger sized breasts. This surgical procedure typically involves the placement of silicone gel or saline implants to change the breast cup size anywhere from small to substantial. The FDA has approved these implants, and the breast enhancement procedure is safely performed extensively on thousands of women every year.

About a Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is not meant to augment the breast size. The primary goal of this procedure is to restructure skin, muscle, and breast tissue to provide the breasts with more structure and lift. Women typically experience breast sagging due to various factors such as aging, gravity, pregnancy or nursing.

Recovery Phase after a Breast Augmentation with Lift

In the first few days following the procedure, the patient may experience some discomfort and swelling. But the level of pain is usually not severe. Many patients also feel stiff and experience some bruising in the week after the surgery, and this is a normal occurrence.

If the patient experiences severe pain and bruising, she should contact the surgeon’s office at once. The time taken for the recovery will depend on various factors, such as implant size.

Scarring Post-Breast Augmentation with Lift

Breast lift surgery usually causes some level of scarring. The surgeon will explain to the patient about the incisions that are most appropriate given their breast structure, implant size, and goals. In general, there will be some type of scarring after this procedure.

But the surgeon will try to place the incisions as discreetly as possible so that any scarring remains minimal. Experienced female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and other towns and neighborhoods across the landscape in the robust state of Texas for breast augmentation with lift.

For more information on procedures and treatments provided by board-certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak please call us to schedule a consultation at 713.322.7265 or click here. Offices in Houston, Texas.

How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Breast augmentation ranks among one of the more customizable cosmetic surgery procedures today, which is also a reason for its wide acceptance among many patients.

Breast implants are available in different types and sizes, and the patient can select them according to her specific anatomical and aesthetic requirements. During pre-surgery consultation, the surgeon will explain about various implant options and help the patient make the right choice.

It is important for the patient to choose the most appropriate implant type to suit her personal aesthetic sense and comfort level.

The implant size should ideally be chosen to make the breasts appear more proportionate to the rest of the body. In case only limited skin is available in the breasts, the patient should avoid choosing very large implants to minimize the risk of implant rippling. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides breast implants to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding locations.


Breast implants are mainly classified into two categories: saline implants and silicone gel implants. The surgeon will educate the patient about the pros and cons of both options and apprise them of the associated costs to help her make the best choice for her breast implant plastic surgery procedure.

Saline Implants

plastic surgery 7Saline implants have been approved by the FDA for women above the age of 18. These were the first implants to get FDA approval. The inner core of saline implants is filled with a sterile saline fluid, and the outer shell is made of silicone. Saline implants are designed to provide natural shape and firmness to the breasts.

The implant can be inserted into the breast tissue in a deflated state, and the saline solution can be filled thereafter. This enables the surgeon to place the implant with a smaller incision. Saline solution is totally biocompatible, which makes these implants very safe in the event of implant leakage or rupture. The saline solution will get naturally absorbed in the body in such case.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants received the FDA’s approval a few years after saline implants, but their popularity has now exceeded that of saline implants. The aesthetic appeal and natural touch of these implants is superior due to the silicone gel core. Silicone implants have been approved for women over the age of 21.

The silicone gel in these implants allows it to mimic the natural effect of the breast tissue, which is the prime reason behind their popularity. Accomplished female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and other neighborhoods in this part of the fruited plane for breast implant surgery and other aesthetic procedures.

Gummy Bear Implants

Form stable implants or Gummy Bear implants are ultra-cohesive silicone gel implants. The FDA has approved these latest implant qualities in the US. Due to their highly viscous silicone gel core, these implants are able to maintain form and shape even under pressure.

The silicone gel in these implants will not leak out to other areas in the body even in a situation where the implant is damaged or broken. Both silicone and saline implants are available in sizes ranging between 120 cc and 960 cc.

For more information on procedures and treatments provided by board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak please call us to schedule a consultation at 713.322.7265 or click here. Offices in Houston, Texas.