Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Plastic Surgery Overview

Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery Overview | Houston Female Plastic SurgeonAbdominoplasty, popularly known as tummy tuck, is a cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at creating a firmer and flatter abdominal contour. The surgery involves removal of loose skin and excess fat deposits from the abdominal area. Sometimes the underlying abdominal muscles may also be tightened as a part of the procedure.

The patient should choose a qualified and fully trained plastic surgeon for a major surgery such as tummy tuck. The final outcome will depend to a significant extent on this decision made by the patient. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides tummy tuck to patients in Houston, Texas and surrounding locations.



A solid candidate for tummy tuck will typically be an adult in good general health, and having unsightly abdominal contour due to excessive loose skin, fat or sagging abdominal muscles. The patient’s body weight should ideally be moderate and stable. A decent candidate will be a non-smoker or prepared to quit smoking as directed by the surgeon, and will have realistic expectations from the results.


Surgical Techniques


Traditional Abdominoplasty

Traditional tummy tuck is the most common plastic surgery procedure, involving a hip to hip incision, apart from small incisions around the navel. The procedure is designed to improve the entire abdominal region, and also reposition the navel to a more youthful level. Patients seeking substantive enhancement of abdominal contours can choose this procedure.


Partial Abdominoplasty

Mini tummy tuck or partial abdominoplasty will involve only a single small incision. The procedure will focus on improving only the lower abdominal area. It is more of a maintenance procedure providing subtle enhancement of the lower abdominal contour. Experienced female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and nearby areas for this procedure.


Endoscopic Abdominoplasty

This is a less invasive technique enabling the surgeon to perform more targeted and precise tummy tuck surgery. Through a small incision, the surgeon will insert a tiny camera into the deeper fat layers, with the other end attached to an endoscope. The surgeon can see the underlying muscular structure on a screen to perform the procedure.


Extended Abdominoplasty

This form of tummy tuck surgery involves reduction of skin and fat from the abdominal area, and additionally reduces skin and fat from the flanks or love handles from either side of the waist. A larger surface area can be treated with this technique than traditional tummy tuck.


Circumferential Abdominoplasty

If the patient suffers from large amount of loose skin around the abdomen following a massive weight loss, a circumferential tummy tuck may be performed. The main goal of this procedure is to remove excess skin and enhance abdominal contours. Fat removal is not a primary concern in this procedure.



Most patients will be able to return to their regular routine or go to their workplace in about 10 to 14 days. However, heavy lifting of weights, excessive bending, and strenuous activities should be avoided for at least one month. The surgeon may require the patient to wear a compression garment for several weeks to support healing.


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