What is Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)?

What is Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)? | Plastic Surgery | Houston TXRhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery is one of the top five cosmetic surgery procedures in the US today. More than 200,000 rhinoplasty surgeries are performed every year in the US. The procedure can successfully enhance the size or shape of the nose to make it more attractive and harmonious with the rest of the face.


Rhinoplasty is usually performed for cosmetic improvement of the face, but in some cases, the surgery may be performed to correct breathing obstructions or other functional aberrations. Dr. Kristi Hustak is a board certified female cosmetic plastic surgeon providing rhinoplasty to patients in Houston Texas, and surrounding locations.


Types of Rhinoplasty

Several surgical techniques can be used to perform rhinoplasty plastic surgery. The most appropriate technique will be determined by the surgeon in consultation with the patient.


Reduction Rhinoplasty

One of the most popular forms of nose surgery is reduction rhinoplasty. It will reduce the nose size to bring it in proportion to other facial features such as the chin and cheekbones. Reduction of nasal bumps, narrowing of the nasal tip, and reshaping of large or upturned nostrils may also be performed with this technique. To build the right size and shape of the nose, the surgeon may remove a small amount of nasal bone and cartilage.


Augmentation Rhinoplasty

If the nose size and shape appears undermined in relation to other facial features, the surgeon may recommend augmentation rhinoplasty. The nasal bridge or tip will be built up by using tissue or bone grafting. Cartilage may be used from the nasal septum or other areas such as the ribs. Synthetic implants may be used if sufficient cartilage is not available. Female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustok receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for rhinoplasty.


Post-Traumatic Rhinoplasty

A post-traumatic nose reshaping procedure may be performed if the patient has suffered severe injuries to the nose. The surgery may be designed to restore both aesthetics and function. The surgeon may repair the fractured nasal bone, correct the nasal septum and straighten the nose as a part of this procedure.


Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

A patient may have lost all or a part of the nose due to skin cancer or another disease or injury. The surgeon may perform reconstructive rhinoplasty to recreate the original nose. Flap technique, skin grafting and synthetic implants may be used to create the desired reconstruction.


Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Nasal peculiarities and features can differ among people of different ethnicity. The surgeon may perform ethnic rhinoplasty on patients of African American, Asian, Hispanic or Middle Eastern descent to create natural looking nasal contours. The patient’s basic integrity and identity of the face will not be compromised, while the nose is reshaped in a natural looking way.



The patient may go through a downtime of about a week to 10 days following rhinoplasty. Soreness, bruising, and swelling in the incision areas is expected in the initial period, which will gradually resolve on its own much to the relief of the patient. Pain medications can be used for a few days as prescribed by the surgeon.


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