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What Questions Should You Ask Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

What Questions Should You Ask Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon? | HoustonRhinoplasty is sought-after plastic surgery in the US today. During the pre-operative rhinoplasty consultation process, the patient will have an opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns or doubts that they may have regarding the nose surgery.

Well-informed patients are able to make a better decision about rhinoplasty as well as appreciate the final outcomes and attain a higher level of satisfaction from the procedure.

Successful board certified female plastic surgeon, Dr. Kristi Hustak, provides rhinoplasty and various other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to patients in Houston, Texas and surrounding communities in the amazing Lone Star State.


Are you board certified in plastic surgery?

Ideally, a highly qualified, experienced, and board certified surgeon should perform a complex procedure such as nose reshaping cosmetic surgery. Board-certified surgeons usually invest in best practices and high-quality standards, adopt advanced surgical techniques, pursue ongoing education, and follow the latest safety protocols to offer their patients the best possible results.


Have you performed rhinoplasty in the past?

Plastic surgery is a vast discipline where some surgeons may focus only on body and breast procedures, but may not have relevant experience in facial procedures such as nose surgery.

To attain ideal outcomes, the patient should ideally choose a surgeon with extensive experience in rhinoplasty and a proven track record of successful nose surgeries.


Would you recommend open or closed rhinoplasty in my case?

The surgeon should be skilled in performing open as well as closed nose surgery procedures according to the patient’s unique needs. The surgeon will recommend either the open or closed rhinoplasty technique on the basis of the patient’s aesthetic goals and nasal structure.


How much would it cost me to receive a nose surgery at your practice?

In general, rhinoplasty is elective cosmetic surgery. This means that the patient will likely not receive insurance coverage for this surgery. Therefore, the cost of the procedure becomes an important aspect for many patients to be able to make a judicious decision about the procedure.


What are the risks and complications associated with rhinoplasty?

Similar to any surgical procedure, rhinoplasty also has some risks and complications associated with it. It is necessary for the patient to understand these potential risks and side effects before making a decision on whether to undergo the nose surgery.

Understanding the potential complications associated with this surgery can help the patient weigh the risks and benefits of rhinoplasty and make a poignant choice.


How extended and painful will the recovery process be?

The recovery process is a vital part of the rhinoplasty surgery. The patient should have clarity on the approximate downtime associated with the procedure as well as when they can expect the complete outcomes to become apparent.

Working professionals should plan to take at least one week off from the scheduled date of the procedure to recover at home. The patient may also view nose surgery before and after images and request to review testimonials of past patients during the consultation process.


Committed female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby cities and suburbs in this section of America for rhinoplasty.
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