Why do the Labia Majora Lose Tone?

Why do the Labia Majora Lose Tone? | Houston Female Plastic SurgeonThe labia majora refer to two conspicuous skin folds in a woman’s vaginal area that extend from the mons pubis downward and backward, and then merge with the skin of the perineum. Labia major form the lateral boundaries of the pundedal or vulval cleft, which receives the vaginal and urethra openings.  

The labia majora may lose volume and tone due to aging, childbirth and hormonal changes. The tightening and reshaping of labia majora can be performed with cosmetic surgery, if the woman suffers from significant laxity in the area. The surgeon will first assess the labia majora to determine whether it has excess loose skin or loss of volume or both.   

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Key Causes  

The labia majora may lose tone or volume due to a few key reasons. The surgeon will first try to determine the underlying cause before recommending appropriate plastic surgery or a non-surgical solution.



Tightness and firmness of the genital passage is typically compromised for a woman during childbirth. The passage gets significantly stretched to accommodate the baby during birth. In the following weeks and months, the mother’s body gradually recovers from the wear and tear caused during childbirth. 

However, even if the mother is in very good health, her body may not be able to bring back the original youthful tightness and resilience of the vagina. Over the years, with multiple deliveries, the looseness in the vaginal walls may further increase. Labia majora will be affected due to overall vaginal tissue laxity and may lose shape and elasticity.


Poor Health 

A woman may suffer from lack of decent health due to disease or because of poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and habits such as smoking or drinking. An unhealthy body will not be able to maintain nourishment in the muscle and tissue in the vaginal passage, and will make them dull. The general dullness of the tissue lining in the genital passage can also adversely affect the labia majora and make it elongated due to loss of volume and muscle weakness. 

Some women fear that frequent sexual activity may result in poorly shaped labia majora. However, as long as she keeps the passage clean and healthy, and avoids the use of any such creams, gels or objects that may cause harm to the vaginal walls or create allergy and dryness, the labia majora will not be affected by healthy sexual activity.


Hormonal Changes 

Hormonal disturbances in a woman’s body may occur due to the use of birth control pills, stress, lack of sleep, or menopause factors. Hormonal fluctuations and poor hormonal balance can deplete the general health of a woman’s reproductive system, and lead to a reduced supply of nutrition to the cells in the vaginal tissue. This can cause tissue laxity in the vaginal walls as well as the labia majora.

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