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Will a Breast Lift Change My Breast Size?

Will a Breast Lift Change My Breast Size? | Houston Plastic SurgeryAre you unhappy with the appearance of your breasts? Do they appear saggy or droopy? If so, you may be considering a breast lift to rejuvenate your look and boost your confidence. While a breast lift is a common cosmetic procedure, many women are unsure about its potential impact on their breast size. Will a breast lift make your breasts bigger or smaller? In this blog post, we will discuss how a breast lift can transform your look and what to expect in terms of breast size changes. Get ready to discover the secrets behind this popular cosmetic procedure and how it can help you achieve the look you desire. Female board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kristi Hustak, provides breast lift to patients in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

Understanding the Breast Lift Procedure: What is It?

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure designed to raise and reshape sagging or droopy breasts. It involves removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to achieve a more youthful and uplifted appearance.

During the procedure, the surgeon will make incisions around the areola and possibly extend vertically down the breast or along the natural crease beneath the breast. This allows for the removal of excess skin and reshaping of the breast tissue.

Once the excess skin is removed and the breast tissue is reshaped, the surgeon will lift and reposition the breasts to a higher position on the chest. The nipple and areola may also be repositioned to achieve a more natural and symmetrical appearance.

It’s important to note that a breast lift does not significantly change the size of your breasts. While the procedure can improve the shape and position of your breasts, it does not add volume or increase cup size. However, some patients may choose to combine a breast lift with breast augmentation to enhance their size and shape simultaneously.

Overall, a breast lift can be a transformative procedure that can help you regain confidence in your appearance. By understanding the details of the procedure and discussing your goals with a qualified plastic surgeon, you can determine if a breast lift is the right choice for you.

Factors That Determine the Impact on Your Size After a Breast Lift

The impact on your breast size after a breast lift can vary from person to person and depends on several factors. Firstly, the amount of excess skin and tissue that needs to be removed plays a significant role. If you have a significant amount of sagging or drooping, more tissue may need to be removed, potentially resulting in a smaller breast size.

Additionally, the position and shape of your breasts before the procedure can affect the final outcome. Some women have breasts that are naturally fuller and more rounded, while others have breasts that are flatter or wider. A breast lift can help reshape and reposition your breasts, but it may not change their fundamental shape or size.

Finally, your surgeon’s expertise and technique will impact the results. A skilled and experienced surgeon can perform a breast lift that maintains your desired size or even enhances it slightly, while still achieving the desired lift and firmness.

Overall, it’s important to have realistic expectations and discuss your goals and concerns with your plastic surgeon before undergoing a breast lift. By considering these factors and communicating effectively with your surgeon, you can ensure that you are satisfied with the final results of your breast lift.

Managing Expectations: How a Breast Lift Can Change Your Appearance

Now that you understand what a breast lift procedure entails and the factors that can influence the impact on your breast size, it’s essential to manage your expectations. While a breast lift can do wonders for rejuvenating your look and boosting your confidence, it’s important to remember that it won’t drastically change the size of your breasts.

A breast lift primarily focuses on raising and reshaping sagging or droopy breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. It can restore a more youthful and uplifted appearance, but it doesn’t add volume or increase cup size significantly.

However, it’s worth noting that some women choose to combine a breast lift with breast augmentation to enhance their size and shape simultaneously. This combination procedure can provide more substantial changes in breast size if desired.

Remember, the key is to have realistic expectations and open communication with your plastic surgeon. By discussing your goals and concerns, your surgeon can help you understand the potential outcomes and ensure that you are satisfied with the final results of your breast lift.

How a Breast Lift Might Affect your Bra Size

If you’re considering a breast lift, you may be wondering how it will impact your bra size. While a breast lift doesn’t directly change your cup size, it can have some effects on the way your bras fit.

One common change is that your breasts may appear perkier and more lifted after the procedure. This means that you may need to update your bras to accommodate the new shape and position of your breasts. You may find that your bras feel more supportive and provide a better fit, especially if you had previously experienced sagging or discomfort.

However, it’s important to note that a breast lift won’t increase the overall volume of your breasts. If you want to achieve a larger cup size, you may want to consider combining a breast lift with breast augmentation.

Ultimately, the impact of a breast lift on your bra size will depend on your individual body and the specific techniques used during the procedure. It’s always best to consult with your plastic surgeon to get a better understanding of how your bra size might be affected.

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