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Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos | HoustonBreast augmentation currently ranks as the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the US. During the initial consultation, the breast surgeon will discuss various aspects of the procedure, and may also present breast augmentation before and after photographs before the patient. The first concern of the surgeon will be to help the patient make a well-informed decision.

Patients can have a better idea about the potential effectiveness of breast augmentation procedure once they review the before and after photos. Patients in Houston, Texas and surrounding locations have an opportunity to receive breast augmentation and other procedures from board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak.


What are Breast Augmentation Before and After Images?

Before and after images in case of breast augmentation refer to pair or group of pictures belonging to a previous patient who has been through the same procedure with successful results. The pictures include images taken prior to the procedure and after the procedure at a stage when the post-operative swelling and bruising has been resolved and full effects of breast augmentation are visible.

The surgeon will take care to ensure that breast augmentation plastic surgery before and after images are obtained with the consent of the patient. The identity of the patient will be kept confidential and the images will be presented before new patients in a discreet manner. The only goal of the surgeon here is to use the photos as a visual aid to educate new patients about breast augmentation.

Now this is going to be mentioned below as well but it cannot be emphasized enough on what is happening. What is happening or really what has happened is the digital revolution has occurred and is evolving to this day. Every industry from real estate to architecture to auto to plastic surgery has been taking advantage of this technology.

With website pictures which is what digital technology is bringing to the table for plastic surgeons any patient can look on the website and see what breast augmentation can do for them. Not only are these pictures much more clear than looking at some vague brochure or some pictures from a Polaroid camera, you can view these pictures from the solitude of your home without anyone knowing.

This means someone can make a decision while taking their time and not have to rely so much on the spoken word from the surgeon or one of their assistants in a face to face meeting. Now any patient who signs on the dotted line authorizing this procedure will know what they have signed up for. This decreases their anxiety and everyone, really, who is involved with this procedure.



When a new patient visits the surgeon’s office for breast augmentation, she may only have a vague understanding of how far her breast size may improve and whether the procedure will meet her personal breast appearance goals. Breast augmentation is a customizable procedure, involving decisions about incision placement, implant type and size, and positioning of implants in the breast tissue.

Some patients may require breast augmentation in conjunction with breast lift. In each case, the patient is in a better position to make a decision when she has access to breast augmentation before and after photos.


Reasonable Expectations

Patients who have a positive mindset, clear aesthetic goals, and reasonable expectations will usually achieve the best satisfaction levels after a procedure such as breast augmentation. Therefore, an astute and practiced surgeon will prefer to present breast augmentation before and after photos at the very first appointment.

Once the patient knows what the surgery can or cannot do for her, she will be in better position to appreciate the final outcome and feel more satisfied and confident. Dedicated female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and nearby areas for breast augmentation.


Website Photos

If the surgeon has their own practice website, they can utilize the opportunity to present breast augmentation before and after photos on the site under a separate Photo Gallery section. New patients can simply access the photos online in the privacy and comfort of their home or office and then choose whether to seek a personal consultation with the breast surgeon as stated already.

Digital technology has made life easier for so many patients.

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