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Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery


Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery | Houston Plastic SurgeryBreast augmentation cosmetic surgery procedure involves a significant recovery process, which is crucial to the final outcome of the procedure. At the time of surgical planning, the candidate should schedule the surgery in a way that adequate time for recovery is available to her. During the recovery phase, she will be required to follow certain instructions from the surgeon, which will help make the recovery safer and faster.

Dr. Kristi Hustak is a board certified female plastic surgeon providing breast augmentation and several other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding locations have an opportunity to receive breast augmentation from Dr. Hustak.


Expected Downtime

The downtime following breast augmentation plastic surgery will differ between two patients, but usually the patients can resume their normal activities or go back to work within a week. However, if the job at the workplace is physically demanding, she may be required to spend an additional week at home before returning to work.

In the first week, the patient should limit her physical activities, but do regular short walks within the home and perform very light activities. Bending, straining the incisions, or lifting of heavy weights should be avoided because this can cause pain and delay the healing process.


Recovery Process

The duration for complete recovery will primarily depend on the surgical technique applied for breast implant placement. If the implants are placed submuscularly, the overall recovery process will be longer and more difficult than in the case where the implants are placed subglandularly.

Bruising in the breast area will start resolving soon, but swelling will disappear gradually and may take several weeks or months before it is fully resolved. The surgeon will give clear instructions for recovery and may advise certain physical exercises to make the recovery period shorter and as painless as possible.

The patient should be committed to following the surgeon’s advice for recovery and make all the post-operative visits to the surgeon’s office as per schedule. This will allow her to have more sustainable results and years of satisfaction. Accomplished female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and nearby areas for breast augmentation.


First Week


In the first week, the patient will experience mild pain and soreness in the incision areas, which can be managed with pain meds prescribed by the surgeon. The gauze dressing which covers the incisions initially will be replaced with a surgical bra within a few days.

Sutures and drain tubes will be removed around the end of the first week. During the first two to three days after the surgery, the patient should preferably have someone to assist her with household chores.


First Few Months

Mild swelling and sensitivity in the breast area will persist for several weeks. Until the sensitivity subsides, the patient should have minimal physical contact with the breasts to mitigate the risk of injury or delayed recovery. Strenuous exercises and activities should only be resumed in about two to four weeks after the surgery for a safer recovery.

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