Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery & Breast Shape [VIDEO]

Breast Augmentation

Patients after a breast augmentation tend to be thrilled with the results, and not solely because an increase in volume. That which many desire is in fact shape, and even many who enter a consultation with a plastic surgeon may not even know that this might be even more important than volume. A shapelier breast can change the look of the entire torso, making a woman appear thinner, younger and more perky.

It is important to realize that a breast implant can only “augment your pre-existing shape and architecture,” explains Dr. Kristi Hustak, a board certified plastic surgeon of Houston. Patients may come into a consultation with a photo of their “perfect breasts,” but the plastic surgeon has to work within the confines of a patient’s individual anatomy. If your natural breasts are wide set, but you want lush cleavage, you may be disappointed. One of the keys to any successful surgical outcome is managing expectations. With a breast augmentation, this means understanding your natural breast shape. Read more.

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