Buttock Augmentation Plastic Surgery Safety [VIDEO]

Buttock Augmentation

The buttock enhancement trend continues to grow, thanks largely in part to the technique of fat grafting and it’s superiority to buttock implant. Unlike the breasts, buttock implants are quite problematic; it’s no wonder when a recipient “sits” on their implants all day that problems may arise, and quickly. Due to the tremendous results available without implants via patient’s own fat, the Brazilian Butt Lift has skyrocketed in popularity.

That said, there are some hefty drawbacks to buttock augmentation with fat grafting. The heaviest is patient death. Board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Bruce Van Natta of Indianapolis and Dr. Kristi Hustak of Houston are veterans of fat grafting procedures, and know all to well the inherent dangers. Below they discuss the success of the procedure and address it’s safety concerns for curious patients. Read more.

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