Calf Augmentation (Lower Leg Implants)

Calf  Implants

Many women and men work hard at the gym to build their calf muscles for a more proportionate and desirable figure. However, frustration can quickly set in because it is difficult to attain good results in this area of the body through exercise alone. Calf augmentation or lower leg implants cosmetic surgery can give you defined, sculpted, and natural looking lower body appearance that you are seeking.

Advantages of calf augmentation from an aesthetic perspective will include:

  • Shapely and tones lower legs
  • Enhance body proportion and symmetry
  • Improved confidence to wear short clothing or swimsuits

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides calf augmentation or lower leg implants to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding locations.

How does Calf Implant Surgery Work?

Calf augmentation plastic surgery involves the surgical insertion of synthetic implants in the lower legs. Calf implants are made of silicone material, which can be placed under the tissue to provide a natural look of fullness. In the absence of strong and defined muscles, calf implants can provide the required fullness and body. Your calves will appear sculpted as well as larger in size.

The natural lower leg contours are enhanced and will become more defined. Body builders often seek calf implant surgery to give an appearance of more muscular and larger looking legs. In addition, women and men who wish to correct a physical deformity or imbalance created by an injury, medical condition or by birth can also benefit from calf augmentation.

Many people now request this surgery simply to accentuate their lower body appearance. Your plastic surgeon will help you select from a range of calf implant sizes and shapes to meet your aesthetic goals. Muscular, stronger legs can dramatically add to your looks and help boost your self-confidence too.

Surgical Procedure

A common technique used during the calf augmentation procedure is the placement of a silicone implant through a minor incision created discreetly behind the knee. Your surgeon will position the implant securely into a surgically carved pocket within the calf muscle. Depending on your custom surgical plan and your personal cosmetic goals, a second implant may also be placed together with the first to add more substance and shape.

Following the implant placement your surgeon will close the incision with surgical sutures. A natural scar tissue formation will quickly begin to occur around the implant, which will help to keep the implant in its position for years to come.

A common method used during this procedure places a silicone implant through a small incision made behind the knee. The implant is positioned into a pocket surgically created within the calf muscle. Depending on the desired result, a second implant may be placed alongside the first to give the calf greater shape. Surgical sutures close the skin.

Following surgery, the implant will become enclosed by scar tissue. This is a natural implant process and helps the device stay intact so it can remain in place for years.

Benefits of Lower Leg Implants Surgery

The major advantage of calf augmentation cosmetic surgery is that the lower legs will have a more natural and desirable appearance. For many people, the need to have more symmetrical, sculpted, and defined calves can be fulfilled with lower leg implants surgery.

Individuals with naturally distorted shape of lower legs or with lifelong conditions, such as spina bifida can benefit from calf implants. Various types of athletic, mobility and basic motor capabilities can be improved with calf augmentation in some patients. Success rate of this procedure is high and post-op recovery is fast.

You can expect a more balanced, stronger, and attractive lower body after this surgery. Female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for calf augmentation surgery.

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