Choosing the Best Vaginal Rejuvenation Plastic Surgeon in Houston

Choosing the Best Vaginal Rejuvenation Plastic Surgeon in HoustonVaginal rejuvenation is an intricate cosmetic surgery procedure designed to enhance a woman’s sexual aesthetic appearance and help her feel more confident about her intimate body parts. Patients should carefully choose the right surgeon for this procedure in order to achieve desirable and sustainable results.

Dr. Kristi Hustak is a board certified female plastic surgeon providing vaginal rejuvenation and various other procedures for the body, breast and face. Patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding communities have an opportunity to receive state of the art procedures from Dr. Hustak.


Why Choose a Female Plastic Surgeon?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a highly intimate surgery involving a woman’s sexual aesthetics. A female plastic surgeon, in many cases, would be better placed to perform this surgery because of her natural and innate understanding of the female sexual anatomy. More importantly, it is often easier for a woman to appreciate and understand the needs of another woman, which would put a female surgeon in a better position to treat her patient.

Many women patients feel more comfortable about receiving an intimate plastic surgery procedure such as vaginal rejuvenation from a female surgeon. They are likely to be more forthcoming about their personal sexual needs, desires and aspirations during their consultation with a female surgeon.


Professional Credentials of Dr. Hustak

The astute and commendable Dr. Hustak is a board certified female plastic surgeon who performs a wide spectrum of plastic and reconstructive procedures. She has a specific interest in female plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Hustak’s practice assures privacy and confidentiality, and provides a boutique environment along with a comprehensive concierge service to every patient.

The remarkable and wonderful Dr. Hustak graduated Magna Cum Laude with Distinction in Medical Technology from the Ohio State University in 2004, followed by a degree in medicine from the Ohio State University College of Medicine in 2008. For six years, Dr. Hustak completed a highly competitive integrated plastic surgery program at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, Texas.

Dr. Hustak has been ranked as Houston’s Top Plastic Surgeon by the H Magazine.


Selecting a Board Certified Surgeon

When a patient chooses a board certified plastic surgeon for a procedure such as vaginal rejuvenation, it automatically serves as an assurance that the surgeon would have undergone a certain minimum number of years of training specifically in the area of plastic surgery. A board certification is awarded after a rigorous selection process and only a limited number of surgeons receive this recognition every year.

Board certified plastic surgeons typically invest in high quality standards and best medical practices, adopt cutting edge surgical techniques and technology, pursue continuing education, and follow the latest safety protocols. These commitments ensure that the patient receives best in class care from these surgeons for any surgical or non-surgical aesthetic procedure.



The fabulous and perceptive Dr. Hustak believes that best outcomes in a vaginal rejuvenation procedure can be achieved when the surgeon incorporates the patient’s unique anatomical and personal cosmetic requirements into a customized surgical plan. It allows her to create more targeted outcomes in a less invasive manner. Experienced female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and nearby areas in the growing and sparkling state of Texas for vaginal rejuvenation.

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