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Facial Implant Options

Facial Implant

Nose, lips, cheek, and chin are the most prominent facial features. They need to be proportionate and balanced in their appearance to create a likable facial look. It is possible for one or more of these facial features to be small sized or recessive since birth. It is also possible for the facial feature to have depleted because of age related factors. Severe injuries can sometimes cause partial or full loss of tissue and bone.

The surgeon in such cases may recommend appropriate implants through surgery for restoring aesthetic harmony within the face. At your pre-operative consultation, make sure to discuss your best options with the surgeon. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides facial implant surgery to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding locations.

Cheek Implants

Well defined and enhanced cheek bones are one of the most coveted beauty features in the face. Many times, cheek bones are naturally small in size. Loss of cheek volume may also occur because of disease, aging, and other related factors. Patients that are unhappy with the sunken look of their face and vacuous appearance in the eyes may consider getting cheek implants.

Cheek implants plastic surgery can improve the maximal projection point for restoring facial proportion. Cheek implants go a long way in making narrow shaped face appear wider. They can also help create a more angular appearance by reducing the gap between the two cheek implants.

Chin Implants

Proportion between the size of the nose and chin is another sensitive aspect of balance and proportion. Disproportionately smaller or larger chins can create a strong illusion of an over-sized or under-sized nose. This can affect the appearance of the entire face. Moreover, unusually long chins can make the upper portion of the face appear sunken.

Chin implants can go a long way in making small adjustments to the chin shape and size. They can result in significant improvement of face harmony. Experienced surgeons will choose the right shape and size of chin implants. They will customize the same to match your unique aesthetic needs. Generally, chin implants are placed above or in front of the jawbone.

Nose Implants

Augmentation rhinoplasty generally includes nose implant cosmetic surgery. People bothered by undermined or a significantly small nose may consider this procedure for making their facial appearance more proportionate. Nose implants can also be used for treating congenital defects or injuries by reconstructing or altering various parts of the nose.

High strength silicone is among the most commonly used materials for getting a nose implant procedure. These are synthetic implants which do not disintegrate. They help in providing permanent benefits. Nose implants are usually recommended in cases where nose augmentation or rebuilding is required and adequate cartilage is unavailable.

Lip Implants

Permanent lip augmentation provided by lip implants provides more refined results as opposed to dermal lip fillers. This makes lip implants a salient option for people with thinner lips. GORE-TEX, SoftForm, and AlloDerm are popular lip implant types. Female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for facial augmentation surgery.

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