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Houston Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kristi Hustak, Launches

While awareness about cosmetic surgery procedures has grown exponentially in recent years, most people still do not have in-depth or accurate knowledge about various procedures that could be directly beneficial in meeting their aesthetic goals. Dr. Kristi Hustak had this fact on her mind, when she decided to build a new website to showcase her practice online.


Dr. Hustak has launched her new website that is designed not just to create awareness about her practice, but also to educate and inform patients about a wide range of latest aesthetic procedures. Leading female plastic surgeon Dr. Hustak provides surgical and non-surgical procedures to patients in Houston, Katy, Texas, and surrounding locations.

Comprehensive Information Resource serves as an accurate and detailed online information resource on a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures for the breast, body and face. Dr. Hustak additionally specializes in female genital aesthetic procedures. The website includes a separate section for information in this area, and offers insights into six different sexual aesthetic procedures for women, ranging from labiaplasty plastic surgery to cosmetic vaginoplasty.

The website provides accurate, current and relevant information on various latest aesthetic procedures in a patient-friendly language. Dr. Hustak’s first goal at all times is to educate the patient adequately about all aspects of the procedure, and help them make an informed decision. The same goal is now accomplished through for everyone, irrespective of whether they are patients of Dr. Hustak.

Section on Dr. Hustak

The most important factor that impacts the final outcome of a cosmetic surgery procedure is the skill, training and experience of the operating surgeon. Therefore, it is natural for a new patient to be interested in learning about the surgeon’s expertise and recognition in the field. includes an exclusive section providing in-depth information about Dr. Hustak’s qualifications and training background.

Dr. Hustak is the first board certified female plastic surgeon at the prestigious Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery (ACPS). The section provides information about her medical training as well as plastic surgery training at different institutions. It also lists her achievements and honors earned during her training years. Following her independent practice, Dr. Hustak has been named a Texas Rising Star 2015 in the Super Doctors list. She has also been included in the H Texas Magazine’s “Top Women in Business 2015” list.

Section on Procedures includes an extensive section on various surgical and non-surgical procedures that Dr. Hustak provides to patients in Houston, Katy, Texas, and nearby areas. Each procedure is discussed in detail on a dedicate web page. Readers can quickly identify the procedure they are looking for, and find all the relevant information about it.

Other Sections

Dr. Hustak’s website includes a comprehensive Blog section, where readers can check out regularly updated information about new plastic surgery procedures. A Photo Gallery section provides before and after images about various procedures offered at Dr. Hustak’s practice.

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