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Mommy Makeover Recovery Time

 Mommy makeover is a comprehensive cosmetic surgery procedure involving a combination of multiple surgeries to achieve a pre-pregnancy figure. Recovery time in this procedure will vary according to the number and type of surgeries performed on a patient. The advantage is that the patient will go through recovery only once for various procedures performed simultaneously.

Breasts, Belly, and Down Below – A Complete Mommy Makeover

The goal of an experienced surgeon will be to create an optimal mommy makeover surgery plan in order to minimize the recovery period. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss about various aspects of the procedure, including the estimated recovery. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides mommy makeover to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding communities.

Recovery Process

If the woman is working, she should plan to apply for a leave of about two weeks from the workplace following mommy makeover plastic surgery. Moms with little kids may have to arrange for childcare for the first few days of recovery. The patient should also arrange for a responsible person to drive her back home after the surgery. The surgeon will provide detailed recovery care instructions, which should be diligently followed.

Inflammation and irritation in the incision sites will usually be relived in about one week after the surgery. Pain meds may be prescribed by the surgeon for the first few days to keep the patient comfortable. She should take plenty of rest in the initial days, but mild walking and light activity within the home is encouraged to promote blood flow and improve healing.

At the end of first week, the surgeon may remove the drain tubes and sutures. Further post-surgical appointments may be scheduled at this time. Even when the patient has returned to her normal routine in about two weeks, she should continue to refrain from strenuous exercises, excessive bending and lifting of heavy weights for about two additional weeks.

Bruising will resolve during this early phase, but swelling will subside slowly over several weeks or months as the body adapts to its new, youthful shape. Patients in Houston, Texas, and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive mommy makeover and various other procedures from experienced female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak.

How to Expedite Recovery?

The patient can take a few steps to promote faster healing and recovery. She should wear a bandage or compression garment in specific areas where liposuction is performed or a surgical bra in case of breast surgery, as instructed by the surgeon. This will help to reduce swelling and enable easier skin healing. Blood thinners, oral vitamin E and certain other medications may have to be avoided during the recovery for safer healing.

If the patient has a history of smoking, she should be committed to refraining from smoking during the recovery period. Smoking can delay the recovery as it interferes with the blood flow. The risk of scarring and other complications increases in case of smokers. Therefore, the patient must stop smoking for a certain period before and after mommy makeover as advised by the surgeon.

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