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Preparing for Tummy Tuck Surgery

Carefully planning and preparation should precede a major cosmetic surgery procedure such as tummy tuck. Stellar and judicious preparation will play a role in the successful results and high patient satisfaction levels after the surgery. Preparation will also cover the steps that the patient is required to take during post-surgical recovery.

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides tummy tuck surgery and various other procedures. Dr. Hustak will discuss various key steps involved in preparation at the time of initial consultation. She provides tummy tuck surgery to patients in Houston, Texas and surrounding locations.

Healthy Diet

To begin with, once the patient has decided to choose tummy tuck surgery, they should focus on a healthy and balanced diet. Good nutrition will strengthen their immunity and cut down the risk of infections and other complications. A diet rich in lean proteins will support post-surgical healing. The intake of fish, eggs, chicken, light cheese and yogurt can be increased to increase protein in the diet.

A high dose of vitamin E should be avoided in the weeks and months before and after tummy tuck surgery, but other vitamins should be present in the daily diet. For a procedure such as tummy tuck plastic surgery, following a balanced diet will also instill the habit of healthy eating, and help the patient in the long run to maintain results of the surgery.


Fitness and Exercise

Along with a balanced diet, the patient should also preferably follow a regular fitness and exercise regimen. It will promote a rapid metabolism and improve the muscle mass. Such patients can expect to have a faster and easier recovery. Furthermore, exercise will help to maintain stable and moderate body weight for best results with tummy tuck. This does not mean you should try to climb a nearby mountain but there is nothing wrong with spending time on the treadmill or elliptical machine every day or walking your dog for 30 minutes a day and so on.

In the weeks following the procedure, when the patient is required to avoid strenuous exercises, the patient will be able to avoid natural weight gain if they have a good fitness level. As with good diet, a fitness and exercise regimen will also establish healthy habits to maintain the results of tummy tuck in the long run. You should be exercising no matter what though since your body needs it and it will help you in more ways than one if you ever plan on having any sort of plastic surgery procedure.


Restriction on Smoking and Medications

Smoking reduces the flow of oxygen in the blood can causes the blood vessels to constrict. Therefore, a smoker has the risk of a delayed recovery and more chances of complications during tummy tuck surgery. The surgeon will instruct the patient to stop smoking for at least a certain period prior to the procedure.

The risk of clotting and other complications can increase with certain types of medications, vitamins and nutrition supplements. At the time of pre-op consultation, the patient should inform the surgeon about any medications and supplements they are currently taking, and follow the surgeon’s advice about it.  


Other Tips

The patient should arrange for a ride home from their surgery, assemble essential supplies at home, apply for leave at the workplace in advance, and arrange for aftercare, if required. Outstanding, perspicacious, and board certified female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and other communities and suburbs in this region of The Lone Star State for tummy tuck surgery.

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