Vaginal Tightening Treatment Costs

Vaginal Tightening Treatment Costs | Female Surgeon | Houston | KatyVaginal tightening is an elective cosmetic surgery procedure to improve the sexual aesthetics of a woman. During the initial consultation for vaginal tightening, the surgeon will discuss all aspects of the procedure, including its estimated costs. The first goal of any good surgeon will be to educate the patient about all relevant facts related to the procedure and help her make an informed decision.

Dr. Kristi Hustak is a board certified female plastic surgeon providing vaginal tightening and various other procedures. Dr. Hustak will address all questions of the patient in detail during pre-operative consultations, and explain all the pros and cons related to vaginal tightening procedure. She provides various surgical and non-surgical procedures to patients in Houston, Katy, Texas, and surrounding locations.


Price Factors

Vaginal tightening is a highly customizable plastic surgery procedure, which will be tailored according to the unique needs of a patient. Therefore, the monetary amount will differ based on the specific circumstances and preferences of each patient.


Type of Surgical Technique

Cosmetic vaginal tightening may include tightening of the loose muscles around the vaginal canal as well as correction of the labia minor or inner vaginal lips. In some cases, labia majora reshaping may also be involved.

Some patients may require additional procedures such as clitoral hood reduction or G-Spot enhancement. It may involve the use of injectable dermal fillers along with surgery. The dollar figure will differ according to the type of surgical technique chosen.


Multiple Procedures Performed Together

The monetary figure of the procedure will vary according to the type of procedures performed and the length and complexity of the surgery. If multiple vaginal rejuvenation procedures are performed at once, the monetary amount will be lower than when they are performed separately.

This happens because the surgical venue costs, anesthesia fees, and post-operative care costs will be incurred only once in a combined procedure. The plastic surgeon may also offer a rebate on multiple procedures in some cases.


Surgeon’s Expertise

Board certified plastic surgeons with advanced training and skills, and specific experience in the area of vaginal rejuvenation may be more expensive upfront, but will be able to deliver outstanding results.

Working with highly qualified surgeon with expertise in vaginal tightening is likely to save the patient expense, time and discomfort in the long run by creating more sustainable results and minimizing the risk of complications.


Pre-Op Tests and Examination

In some cases, the surgeon may need to assess the health of the patient and ensure that she is fit to receive vaginal tightening or other sexual aesthetic procedures. The cost of pre-operative testing will usually not be a part of the standard costs of surgery, and the patient should include it in her cost estimate. Leading female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak receives patients from Houston, Katy, Texas, and nearby areas for vaginal tightening surgery.



Most insurers will not offer coverage for an elective procedure such as vaginal tightening. The patient should explore their financing options well in time. They can receive quick loan approvals and low interest financing through professional medical care finance companies.

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