What Is A Designer Labiaplasty?

What Is A Designer Labiaplasty? | Houston Plastic Surgery | WoodlandsMany women are unsatisfied with the feel and appearance of their genital area. This can have a negative effect on your everyday lives and mental health. Majority of women find it embarrassing and difficult to speak about their vagina. Designer labiaplasty is aimed at trimming the excess folds of the labia minora. It can help your intimate area look aesthetically more pleasing.

Reliable board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides designer labiaplasty and other sexual aesthetic surgery procedures to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding communities.  

Overview of Designer Labiaplasty

Designer labiaplasty is generally not performed for functional but cosmetic reasons. It decreases the size of the inner tissues of the vagina (also known as labia minora) so that the outer part (labia majora) looks flush. The procedure can be performed using several different surgical techniques depending on your particular anatomy and situation. 

Labiaplasty is essentially a plastic surgery procedure and doesn’t involve any energy devices. You can determine goals of the surgery by speaking with a board certified plastic surgeon. 

Reasons to Get a Designer Labiaplasty

There are several causes of enlarged labia, including aging, childbirth, genetics, and sexual activity. Surgery is chosen by women for several reasons. Labiaplasty has several functional benefits. It’s difficult for women with enlarged labia to exercise, maintain hygiene, or enjoy sexual and physical activities. The condition also puts you at a higher risk of urinary tract infections. 

You would be able to wear any type of clothing, such as swimming suits, yoga pants, and workout pants after getting a labiaplasty done. Women with enlarged labia report feeling self-conscious when getting intimate with their partners. This is one of the major reasons why women choose to get a designer labiaplasty performed. 

You may want to get a labiaplasty performed for reducing the excess labia. This can turn and twist to cause irritation and pain. You may also want a designer labiaplasty performed for restoring a more youthful look following childbirth. There are numerous reasons to get a labiaplasty performed. You should seek a board certified plastic surgeon to have your intimate cosmetic surgery performed. 

Designer Labiaplasty Techniques

There are several different techniques of performing this procedure. These are the more popular ones:

Trim technique

This is the original and the most natural to perform technique. It is also the most common technique used by cosmetic surgeons in the United States. Excess part of the labia minora is removed to make it symmetrical with the labia majora. The remaining area is sutured. 

Wedge technique

A wedge of partial thickness is removed in this procedure from the thickest portion of the labia minora. The tissue layer under the mucous membrane or the submucosa is left intact. The vagina gets a natural look following the surgery by preserving the wrinkled edges. 

It’s crucial that you have your labiaplasty procedure performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon specializing in vaginal rejuvenation. This would ensure successful and satisfactory results. Dedicated and cordial female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for designer labiaplasty. 

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