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What is a Monsplasty?

What is a Monsplasty?  | Houston Female Plastic Surgeon | RejuvenationThe mons pubis is a rounded mass of fatty tissue under the skin, which lies over the joint of the pubic bones. It is typically more prominent in women. During pregnancy and weight gain, the mons pubis often becomes excessively large. Following childbirth or weight loss, the mons pubis connective tissue attachments may become loose and begin to sag.

Aging effects can also lead to the mons pubis becoming loose. When the condition becomes severe, it can cause discomfort during urination or sexual activity, and may restrict a woman from wearing certain types of tight clothes. This condition can be corrected with monsplasty cosmetic surgery.

The procedure involves removal of excess fat tissue, sagging skin and tightening of the surrounding tissue to create a shapely and smooth upper vaginal appearance. Remarkable, cutting edge, and board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides monsplasty to patients in Houston, Texas and other neighborhoods and cities in this area of the country.



A candidate for monsplasty or pubic lift surgery will ideally have the following characteristics:

  • The mons pubis area is enlarged or sagging
  • The patient experiences discomfort during sexual activity
  • The patient is embarrassed to wear swim wear and other types of tight clothes
  • The patient is physically and emotionally healthy
  • The patient has a positive outlook and realistic cosmetic goals and expectations



A monsplasty plastic surgery procedure is designed to lift and tighten the mons pubis area. The procedure may be performed for aesthetic or functional reasons and can result in increased self-confidence, improved sexual satisfaction and healthier urinary function. The procedure involves excision of the pubic skin and fat horizontally at the upper edge of the pubic region.  

The surgeon will remove excess fat through the incision to sculpt the mons pubis. Liposuction may be used in some cases to eliminate excess fat tissue. Underlying muscle and tissue are carefully raised, tightened and sculpted to contour the pubic area. The surgeon’s goal is to create a smaller, more natural looking mons pubis.

In many cases, a monsplasty is combined with vaginal rejuvenation, body contouring or tummy tuck surgery. It is also often a part of a mommy makeover. In any case, a pubic lift procedure should ideally be performed by an experienced surgeon who closely understands female sexual anatomy and is able to perform the procedure with accuracy and precision.

An experienced surgeon will customize the mons pubis lift to suit the patient’s unique anatomical and personal cosmetic needs. Profound, proven, and female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and other suburbs and towns in the southeastern part of this state for monsplasty.



Following the monsplasty procedure, the patient will experience mild discomfort and soreness in the first three to five days. Minor bruising and swelling in the treated sites is expected, which will resolve on its own. If the mons pubis correction involves surgical excision, the patient will go through a downtime of about one week.

Most patients can return to their normal routine or go back to work at this time. Vigorous activities and exercises should be avoided for about three weeks. Swelling will completely resolve in about three months after the surgery.

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