Choosing the Best Houston, TX Vaginal Rejuvenation Doctor

Vaginal Rejuvenation

The women of today are more assertive about choosing sexual aesthetic procedures such as vaginal rejuvenation cosmetic surgery.

The key to success in such a procedure involving the intimate parts of a woman’s body lies in the skill and experience of the operating surgeon. The patient should objectively assess the surgeon’s professional credentials to make the right decision.

Dr. Kristi Hustak is a board certified female plastic surgeon providing vaginal rejuvenation and various other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Hustak will educate the patient about all aspects of the procedure, and help her make a well-considered choice. Patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding communities have an opportunity to receive vaginal from Dr. Hustak.

Bringing a Woman’s Perspective to Surgery

Dr. Hustak bridges what is commonly referred to as the ‘gender gap’ in the area of plastic surgery. The multiple roles that a female surgeon inhabits as a woman, wife, and surgeon help Dr. Hustak to have a unique perspective to surgery. She is able to completely empathize with the innate needs, goals and desires of a woman, and the challenges of aging and other physical changes.

Therefore, Dr. Hustak is able to offer that extra edge to make the surgical experience more wholesome and rewarding for a woman, particularly for more intimate procedures such as vaginal rejuvenation. She listens to and understands the problems of her patients, and combines that feedback with her advanced surgical expertise and experience to deliver deeply satisfying outcomes that are tailored to meet or exceed patient expectations.

Many women feel more comfortable about receiving vaginal rejuvenation from a female surgeon, and as they can express their personal sexual aesthetic needs and aspirations more freely with a female surgeon. Dr. Hustak’s gentle and empathetic manner helps her patients achieve a good rapport, and a relationship of trust and open communication with her. This ultimately reflects in the final outcome of the aesthetic surgery.

Professional Credentials of Dr. Hustak

Dr. Hustak is a board certified plastic surgeon with a particular interest in female plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Hustak’s practice assures privacy and confidentiality, and provides a warm and caring treatment experience to every patient. Dr. Hustak has been ranked as Houston’s Top Plastic Surgeon by the H Magazine.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude with Distinction in Medical Technology from the Ohio State University in 2004, and followed it with a degree in medicine from the Ohio State University College of Medicine in 2008. For six years, Dr. Hustak completed a comprehensive plastic surgery program at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, Texas.

Why Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

Board certified plastic surgeons often pursue ongoing training and stay updated with the latest innovations and techniques in plastic surgery. They follow the latest safety protocols and adhere to high standards of practice excellence in order to maintain their coveted board certification status.

Dr. Hustak uses her advanced training and skills to make vaginal rejuvenation less invasive, less painful and more effective.

Experienced female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and nearby areas for vaginal rejuvenation.

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