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What should you expect during a consultation for breast reconstruction?

What to expect from a consultation for breast reconstruction | HoustonIt can be life-changing to decide to undergo breast reconstruction plastic surgery after a mastectomy. For this reason, the patient should proceed carefully and review all aspects of this procedure before deciding to go ahead with it.

The pre-op consultation is an important element of the breast reconstruction process as it offers the patient a comprehensive understanding of the surgery and the multiple stages that it involves over several months.


Explaining the Process to the Patient

During the consultation process, the patient will receive in-depth information on the procedure. The surgeon will create an individualized surgical plan for the patient based on the insights they gather during the pre-operative consultation.

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Ideal Candidates

A patient may undergo a single or double mastectomy which results in the removal of her breast(s). Breast reconstruction plastic surgery may be a suitable procedure for such patients to restore the appearance of the breasts.

The surgeon will elaborate on the physical and emotional benefits that the patient will acquire from this procedure. However, breast reconstruction surgery is not ideal for every patient.

The surgeon will establish whether the patient is presently cancer-free. They will evaluate the patient’s lifestyle behaviors pertaining to smoking and understand if she is committed to devoting significant time and energy to the lengthy process of breast reconstruction.

The surgeon will also review the patient’s health records to understand whether she has any medical conditions that may increase the risks associated with the surgery. In addition, the surgeon will assess how the patient coped with her cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Developing Expectations

The surgeon will help the patient develop realistic expectations from the procedure by discussing its benefits and limitations. They may also show her breast reconstruction before and after pictures to help her develop reasonable expectations from the procedure.

Doing so may help the patient understand that breast reconstruction surgeries differ on the basis of the patient’s unique anatomy and situation.

Every patient’s cancer experience is different. Also, their aesthetic and physical needs may vary as well. Good breast reconstruction candidates have reasonable expectations, defined goals, and a positive frame-of-mind about the reconstructive process.


Surgical Planning

Depending on the needs of the patient, the breast reconstruction procedure can be undertaken in various ways. Some patients may decide to undergo mastectomy and breast reconstruction simultaneously while others may decide to wait for some time after their mastectomy procedure.

The surgeon will recommend appropriate treatment options to the patient on the basis of her tissue quality, body type, and overall medical condition.

The two primary breast reconstruction surgery techniques are implant and flap reconstruction. Both of these techniques involve different surgical approaches. The surgeon will explain both these techniques to the patient as well as help her make an informed decision.


Other Factors

In addition, the surgeon will also inform the patient of all potential risks associated with the procedure at the time of the pre-operative consultation. They will offer the patient details on the anesthesia type to be used, the time taken to complete the surgery, and approximate costs of the procedure.

A majority of patients are eligible to receive insurance coverage for breast reconstruction surgery under their health plans. In case the patient’s insurance provider does not offer complete coverage, they can ask for information on financing avenues from the surgeon’s staff.

Female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for breast reconstruction.
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