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What should you expect during a consultation for ear surgery?

What you should expect during a consultation for ear surgery | Houston

Otoplasty, or ear reshaping plastic surgery, may be an effective solution for such people to alter the shape and size of their ears.

Individuals who are interested in otoplasty, or ear pinning, should acquire a clear comprehension of all pertinent facets of this procedure at the time of the pre-operative consultation session. Patients with detailed insights into otoplasty are in a better position to understand whether this procedure is appropriate for them or not.

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides otoplasty to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding communities.

The Otoplasty Consultation

It is a good idea for patients to conduct online research about ear reshaping surgery as well as identify an experienced and skilled surgeon. The patient will have a pre-operative consultation with the surgeon, which is an important element of the otoplasty cosmetic surgery process.

The surgeon will evaluate the patient’s ear and educate them on the various techniques available to rectify them. This consultation will help determine whether otoplasty surgery is suitable for the patient or not.

In case the surgeon finds the patient to be a suitable candidate for ear surgery, they will discuss the process in detail with them. The surgeon will explain various facets of the procedure to the patient, such as anesthesia and the estimated costs of the surgery.

At the time of the pre-op consultation, the prospective patient should acquire information on the benefits of otoplasty along with insights on the risks and complications that this procedure involves.

In the weeks ahead of the ear reshaping procedure, the parents or guardians of the children undergoing the otoplasty should understand how the child feels about the surgical procedure.

The child should be given clear and transparent information on all facets of the surgery in easy-to-understand language to develop reasonable expectations from the results of the procedure.

Establishing Candidacy

The surgeon will assess the patient’s health records and make any necessary changes to their current drug schedule in discussion with the prescribing doctor. They will also evaluate the patient’s age, facial profile, skin type, and degree of skin laxity to establish their candidacy for the procedure.

Assessing Cosmetic Goals

The surgeon will try to understand the patient’s reasons for undergoing otoplasty during the consultation process. Additionally, they will try to assess the aspects of the patient’s ear that are unappealing to them. The surgeon will then use these inputs acquired during the consultation process to design an individualized ear surgery plan for the patient.

Informing the Patient

The surgeon will offer the patient information on various facets of the ear reshaping surgery during the pre-operative consultation. The patient should unhesitatingly ask questions or express doubts on the surgery at the time of the initial consultation.

The surgeon will try to address all questions and concerns of the patient in a detailed and transparent manner. Female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for ear reshaping surgery.

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