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Your Facelift Consultation


Your Facelift Consultation | Houston Plastic Surgery | Female SurgeonMost of the people seeking facelift cosmetic surgery are in the age group of 35 to 65 years. To start the process, they will first have to schedule a pre-operative consultation with a surgeon of their choice. The consultation will form the foundation for a successful surgery, and will give the patient and the surgeon an opportunity to establish a good rapport.

A customized surgical plan for facelift will be developed on the basis of the inputs gathered during the initial consultation.

Proactive participation on part of the patient will help the surgeon to tailor the facelift procedure according to their unique needs. Sagacious and noteworthy board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides facelift to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding locations in the awesome Lone Star State.


Health Evaluation

As a first step in the facelift plastic surgery consultation process, the surgeon will try to determine the patient’s candidacy for this major procedure. They will evaluate the patient’s general health status and assess whether any pre-existing health condition may pose risk during the surgery or delay the recovery.

The surgeon will review the patient’s past health records, check for any history of allergies, look at any previous surgeries, and make a note of their currently used medications and supplements. A few medical tests may be ordered if the surgeon finds any concerns about the patient’s fitness. The patient’s age, body weight, skin type and degree of skin laxity in the face and neck area will be considered at this stage.


Assessing Cosmetic Goals

Each patient will have their own unique cosmetic needs and aspirations. While some patients want to dramatically enhance their facial appearance with a full traditional facelift, some others may be looking for a more subtle improvement without making the results look very obvious. In many cases, patients want to combine facelift and neck lift to create a more natural and harmonious look.

The surgeon will create an appropriate facelift surgery plan after evaluating the patient’s specific cosmetic needs and goals. Various facelift techniques and approaches along with their benefits and limitations will be discussed with the patient so that they can make a well-considered decision. Reliable and committed female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for facelift.


Addressing Patient’s Concerns

A new patient may be apprehensive about how the facelift surgery may impact their overall facial appearance and identity. They will also like to learn more about the surgeon and their practice. A dedicated surgeon will address all the questions and concerns of the patient in accurate details during the initial consultation.

The surgeon may also choose to present facelift before and after images at the first appointment. This will allow the patient to form a realistic view and understand what a facelift can or cannot do for them. Testimonials of other patients may be shown so that the new patient can gain insights about facelift from the perspective of previous patients.

The surgeon will also give tips and guidelines to the patient on how to prepare for the facelift surgery as well as post-operative recovery.

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