Breast Reduction Procedure Steps

Breast reduction cosmetic surgery procedure is aimed at creating more proportionate breasts as well as eliminating potential pain and discomfort in the neck, back, and shoulders. Women interested in breast reduction surgery should discuss with the surgeon about the steps involved in the procedure and then decide whether or not to choose this surgery. 

During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will explain the steps involved to the patient and help her make an educated decision.

Patients should take this opportunity to voice any concerns or doubts and reduce their pre-surgery anxiety. Stellar and board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides breast reduction surgery to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding locations.

Consultation and Preparation

Before the breast reduction plastic surgery, the surgeon will schedule a detailed consultation with the patient. The patient will have a chance to discuss her personal aesthetic needs and goals, and discuss her medical history to establish candidacy.

The surgeon will also use the consultation opportunity to explain the pre-op guidelines to ensure that the patient is well-prepared for a safe and successful surgery.

Placement of Incisions

Breast reduction surgery uses one of three methods: an anchor incision, a vertical incision, or a scarless incision. The anchor incision technique involves an incision made around the areola, vertically down the breast, and subsequently horizontally along the breast crease.

The vertical incision is made around the areolar border and vertically down the breast for decreased scarring. A scarless incision entails minute incisions made at the breast crease or armpit, and the surplus fat is eliminated through liposuction.

Surgical Reduction

The surgeon will take out the excess fat, tissue, and skin from the lower breasts through the incisions. If the patient has mostly fat tissue in the breasts, only liposuction may be used to decrease the breast size. This provides the benefits of lesser scarring, reduced breast tissue trauma, and minimized risk of complications. But in case of glandular tissue, the traditional tissue excision will have to be performed.

Repositioning the Nipples

The surgeon may reposition the nipples and areolas at a higher level in this procedure. The procedure will include removing the nipple from its present location and grafting it to the desired site. Women with oversized breasts usually required nipple repositioning. The surgeon will inform the patient before the surgery on whether sensation in the nipple will be altered or entirely lost.

Closing the Incisions

The surgeon will use removable or absorbable sutures to close the incisions. The method used for closing the incisions will be discussed with the patient before the surgery. Temporary drain tubes may be placed below the incision sites to collect excess fluid and prevent infection. The breasts will be initially covered with bandages, and later a surgical bra will replace the bandages.

Recovery period is an important part of the breast reduction procedure. The patient will be provided with post-operative care instructions, which she should follow carefully. Perspicacious, cordial, and female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and other suburbs and neighborhoods in the prolific state of Texas for breast reduction.

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