Breast Reduction Surgery Candidates

Women with oversized and pendulous breasts typically make ideal candidates for breast reduction cosmetic surgery. 

In addition to creating a disproportionate physical appearance, overly large breasts can cause neck pain, limit activities and lifestyle preferences, create discomfort in the shoulder region, cause indents in the area where the bra straps are supported, and lead to breathing problems.

Women who seek breast reduction surgery are typically suffering from a constant burden of heaviness in the chest area due to the large breast size.

After a breast reduction procedure, the patient can get a more proportional body, lasting physical relief, and improved self-confidence. Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides breast reduction surgery to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding locations.

Characteristics of a Good Candidate

The right candidate for a breast reduction procedure is a woman who is unhappy with the appearance of her oversized and pendulous breasts.

Heavy breasts will make routine activities more challenging and may cause discomfort and pain either occasionally or continually. Many women who choose breast reductions surgery are bothered with the pain and irritation that their large breasts cause them.

In some cases, even though a woman is not bothered too much with the physical discomfort caused by large breasts, she may still want to go ahead with a breast reduction plastic surgery to enhance her self-image, which is a vital benefit of this surgery. Certain women choose this surgery so that their clothes fit better or they don’t feel embarrassed in social settings.

Ideally, breast reduction surgery is advised only for women with mature, fully developed breasts. However, in some exceptional cases, the surgery can be recommended for younger women if the breasts may be causing too much pain and discomfort. The surgery is not suitable for women who intend to breastfeed as it will eliminate many milk ducts that lead to the nipples.

Candidacy for Different Types of Reduction

Women interested in breast reduction surgery should have realistic expectations from the procedure and research the surgical alternatives that they can avail. This knowledge will enable them to discuss their candidacy for a specific breast reduction technique more effectively with the surgeon.

Women with significantly oversized breasts can be good candidates for the conventional anchor pattern breast reduction surgery. Compared to other methods, this technique provides for a large amount of surplus skin and breast tissue to be removed. This technique is also more suited to candidates that have more glandular tissue than fat, such as women with very dense breast tissue, very thin women, and women who have not yet reached menopause.

The vertical incision breast reduction may be more suitable for women with medium to large breasts. This technique may not be advisable for women who require the removal of a large amount of breast tissue and fat. Women who have more fatty breast tissue than glandular tissue can be ideal candidates for the scarless breast reduction surgery as only liposuction may be enough to eliminate the excess volume of fat in the breast.

Experienced female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and nearby areas for breast reduction.

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