Breast Reduction Recovery

Although breast reduction cosmetic surgery is a common and safe procedure, it is still a major surgery that warrants some recovery time. Patients who choose to undergo this procedure should be familiar with what to expect during recovery so that they can prepare in advance for the healing phase. 

The surgeon will discuss the recovery aspects with the patient during the initial consultation. Considerate, innovative, and board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides breast reduction surgery to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding locations.

Initial Two Weeks

A certain amount of bruising and swelling can be expected in the early phase of breast reduction plastic surgery recovery. A moisturizer may be applied on the breasts to mitigate itching and dryness, but it should not be used directly on the incision sites. Patients should diligently follow all post-operative instructions from the surgeon to reduce the risk of complications and enable a faster recovery.

For the initial two or three days post the breast reduction procedure, the patient should wear an elastic bandage or a specialized surgical bra over the gauze dressing.

After the gauze and dressing are taken off, the patient will be required to continue wearing the surgical bra for several weeks. Stitches are usually removed within one or two weeks of the surgery

Surgeons advise breast reduction surgery patients to avoid lifting heavy weights or engage in rigorous physical activity for a few weeks post-surgery. A majority of women (depending on their nature of work) can return to their workplace within a period of 10 to 14 days after the surgery. Patients are advised to refrain from sexual activity for a minimum of one to two weeks as sexual arousal can induce swelling around the incisions.

First Few Months

Any contact with the breast area should be cautious and gentle for 4 to 6 weeks after the breast reduction procedure. Patients should know that the breasts can swell and become tender during the first menstrual cycle following the surgery. Additionally, some women may experience occasional pain for the first several months which is more pronounced during menstruation. The surgeon can recommend pain medicines to relieve the symptoms and make the recovery comfortable.

Changes in sensation of the breast skin and nipple are common but temporary side effects of the breast reduction surgery. Some women may experience hypersensitivity in the breast area while others may feel numbness in the breast and nipple for up to one year after the surgery. The changes in sensation may be permanent in some patients.

The breast tissue is substantially disrupted during this surgery, and it may take up to one year before the inflammation is completely resolved.

Scars due to Breast Reduction

Scars caused by the breast reduction surgery can be lumpy and reddish for some time before they subside into thin, white lines. Typically, incisions are placed in discreet places allowing patients to wear low-cut tops and swimwear. The appearance of scars due to breast reduction depends on the method used.

Accomplished and focused female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas and nearby areas for breast reduction.

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