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What Are The Risks Of Buttock Augmentation Surgery?

Buttock Augmentation Surgery

Everyone getting a plastic surgery wants to experience beautiful results. However, it’s vital that you keep safety as a priority. You shouldn’t undergo buttock augmentation procedure because of peer pressure or for attaining perfection. Butt enhancement is a personal choice and should be according to your wishes, needs and comfort.

There are temporary side effects and risks to sculpting fat from various parts of the body, making incisions injecting the purified fat in the thighs and buttocks, repositioning muscles and tissue, and suturing the incisions closed.

The plastic surgeon you choose should speak to you about the procedure mechanics, post-operative instructions, necessary preparations, and potential risks and complications. It’s critical that you understand every aspect of the butt augmentation procedure before signing any forms or providing consent for the procedure.

Board certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak provides buttock augmentation surgery to patients in Houston, Texas, and surrounding communities.

Risk of Infection

The risk of infection becomes higher if the operating room and surgical venue are not sterilized properly. Infection is possible even when the patient doesn’t clean wounds as instructed. Patients can get in touch with the surgeon immediately if redness or fever persists. Patients should be wary of foul smell and yellow or green drainage during post-operative recovery. It’s crucial they get in touch with a surgeon immediately.

Risk of Unfavorable Scarring

Scarring in case of butt enhancement cosmetic surgery is generally discreet. Small incisions will be placed by an experienced surgeon for inserting the implants in the buttock region. However, in case the surgeon has no experience with the procedure, large incisions may be placed in indiscreet locations, leading to unfavorable scarring.

Risk of Implant Dislocation

Butt implants can migrate from the desired position to another position in rare cases. Patients should make sure they don’t put pressure on the buttock area for at least 2 weeks following the procedure. They should wear compression garments as well at all times.

Risk of Seroma

Fluid buildup may take place beneath the incision. This will result in painful swelling and an increase in the risk of infection. Proper placement of drainage tubes and incision care can minimize the risk of seroma. Patients should get in touch with a surgeon for suctioning out accumulated serous fluid if they suffer from seroma post-surgery.

Risk of Excessive Bleeding

Sometimes, wound may bleed excessively if the incisions are not sutured properly or the patient takes anticoagulant medications. Patients should minimize the risk of bleeding by refraining from vigorous activities following the surgery.

Risk of Tissue Necrosis

Modification in the buttocks my limit nutrition and blood supply to the tissues, resulting in death of healthy cells. This can create skin irregularities, discoloration, and stiffness. Tissue necrosis risk is higher in smokers.

Risk of Prolonged Sensation Loss

You should expect temporary numbness in some buttock tissues following the surgery. However, sensation would return gradually. Nerve may get damaged in rare cases causing permanent loss of sensation. Female cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kristi Hustak receives patients from Houston, Texas, and nearby areas for butt augmentation surgery.

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